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Learn How Your Local Government Can Manage Training with TargetSolutions.

Online Training for All Government Agencies

TargetSolutions features more than 1,000 courses for all types of public agencies in your city, county or municipality.

✔ More than 250 hours of Fire & EMS training
✔ More than 240 hours of Law Enforcement training
✔ More than 60 hours of CEUs for Water & Wastewater
✔ More than 50 hours of OSHA Safety Training
✔ More than 50 hours of training for School Districts
✔ More than 70 courses of safety training in Spanish

Powerful Records Management Applications

TargetSolutions features easy-to-use online training tools for tracking all types of records for public entities.

✔ Assign online training courses for all agencies
✔ Track instructor-led training activities
✔ Schedule out and record hands-on training events
✔ Document inspections, policies, SOGs, etc.
✔ Manage various licenses, certifications, etc.

Achieve Compliance and Save Money

TargetSolutions enables public entities to streamline training management, meet training requirements and cut costs.

✔ Reduce out-of-service time with online convenience
✔ Reduce instructor overtime costs and scheduling issues
✔ Enhance training with custom content delivery
✔ Simplify training completions with 24/7 access

TargetSolutions allows a busy employee population to acquire safety training and knowledge on their own schedule.”

Frank Wasmer | Safety Officer | Municipality of Skagway (Alaska)

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