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Law Enforcement Training

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Quality Online Police Department Training to Keep Your Agency Safe

TargetSolutions offers more than 240 accredited and engaging online law enforcement training courses created by subject matter experts and can have a cost savings for your agency. Our online law enforcement training courses are accepted in many states, including Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, New Mexico and more. Click here for a complete list of states that accept TargetSolutions.

Below is a breakdown of the law enforcement training courses offered by TargetSolutions. Please click here to view the list of Calibre Press courses that are coming soon! Fill out the form to download the full course catalog.


✔ Arrest and Control Techniques
✔ Arrest Procedures
✔ Computer Security Awareness (LAW)
✔ Crime Scene Investigation
✔ Critical Incident Response
✔ Dispatch
✔ Domestic Violence
✔ Drug Interdiction
✔ Drug Investigation
✔ Excessive Force
✔ Fatigue
✔ Gang Dynamics
✔ Gang Identification
✔ Mental Illness
✔ Use of Force
✔ Workplace Violence (LAW)
✔ Workplace Diversity (LAW)


✔ Booking and Intake
✔ Community Corrections
✔ Con Games in Jail and Prisoner Transport
✔ Control, Verbal Judo and Defensive Tactics
✔ Corrections and Terrorism
✔ Corruption Continuum
✔ Court Tactics and Techniques
✔ Cross-Gender Supervision and Jail Crisis Response
✔ Direct Supervision
✔ Gangs and Jail Recreation
✔ Inmate Supervision
✔ Inmate/Cell Searches and Jail Escapes
✔ Integrity in the Workplace
✔ Interpersonal Communications and Weapon Control
✔ Jail Gangs
✔ Jail Suicides and Close Quarter Assaults
✔ Juvenile Corrections
✔ Juvenile Inmates
✔ Medical Emergencies
✔ Prisoner Escort
✔ Professional Communications Skills
✔ Stress Reduction and Improving Officer Morale
✔ Tactical Jaw and Limb Control
✔ Tuberculosis in Corrections
✔ Use of Force: Role of the 8th Amendment
✔ Violent Attacks
✔ Youth Gangs


✔ Answering Suicidal Callers
✔ Calls from the Hearing Impaired
✔ Communication Essentials
✔ Handling Special Situations
✔ Managing a Communications Division
✔ Officer Line of Duty Death
✔ Stress Management:
✔ Team Building
✔ The AMBER Alert System


✔ Accidents and Emergencies
✔ Adjusting to Changing Conditions
✔ Characteristics of Law Enforcement Vehicles
✔ Dangers of Speeding
✔ Defensive Driving Strategies
✔ Distracted Driving
✔ Driver Safety Orientation
✔ Emergency Vehicle Operations
✔ Impaired Driving
✔ Intersection Safety
✔ Legal Consideration for Police Drivers
✔ Police Vehicle Technology
✔ Pursuit Driving
✔ Safe Backing
✔ Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance
✔ Vehicle Safety & Security


✔ Control Procedures for WMD Incidents
✔ Critical Infrastructure Protection (Modules 1-3)
✔ Homeland Security Awareness (Modules 1-6)


✔ Approach: Buildings
✔ Approach: People
✔ Approach: Vehicle
✔ Body Language: Analysis of Deceptive Behavior – Watch Video
✔ Body Language: Analysis of Pre-Attack Indicators – Watch Video
✔ Body Language: Reading People 101 – Watch Video
✔ Body Language: Reading People 201 – Watch Video
✔ Distracted Driving (LAW)
✔ The Essential Component of De-Escalation and Conflict Resolution – Watch Video
✔ Interaction Principles for De-Escalation Success – Watch Video
✔ Truths of Human Interaction – Watch Video


✔ Bloodstain Evidence Analysis
✔ Bloodstain Evidence Documentation
✔ Body of Evidence
✔ Building Search Essentials
✔ Bullet Ricochet Phenomena
✔ Burned Evidence
✔ Cartridge Case Ejection Pattern Testing
✔ Cold Case Files
✔ Composite Interviewing
✔ Consent Searches: United States v. Drayton
✔ Dangers of Hidden Devices
✔ Detecting Strangulation
✔ DNA Evidence and Testing
✔ Elder Abuse
✔ Electron Microscopy
✔ Evidence Chain of Custody
✔ Evidentiary Reenactments Fatal Blood Loss Evidence
✔ Fiber Analysis
✔ Footprint Impressions Evidence
✔ Forensic Genetics
✔ Forensic Geology and Odontology
✔ Geophysics and Forensic Anthropology
✔ High Risk Warrants
✔ Home Seizures: Illinois v. McArthur
✔ Homicide Investigation
✔ Identity Crimes
✔ Insurance Fraud
✔ Intelligence Gathering and the U.S. Patriot Act
✔ Large Vehicle Bombs: Post-Blast Investigation
(Modules 1-2)
✔ Mail Bombs
✔ Micro-Clues
✔ Motor Vehicle Theft
✔ Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
✔ Open Source Investigations
✔ Post-Blast Investigation
✔ Profiling Criminal Violators
✔ Pyroanalysis and Toxicology
✔ Recognizing Fraudulent Identification Documents
✔ Retroactive Amnesia
✔ Rope Analysis
✔ Slow and Deliberate Searches
✔ The Proper Use of Trajectory Rods
✔ Tire Tread and Tire Track Evidence - Watch Video
✔ Toxicology
✔ Ultraviolet Microscopy
✔ Undercover Drug Buys
✔ Undercover Drug Reversals


✔ Aerosol Defense Spray
✔ Collapsible Baton
✔ Combat Handcuffing
✔ Command Presence
✔ Concealed Carry Tactics
✔ Concepts of the Duty Pistol Training Course
✔ Confined Area Survival Tactics (Modules 1-2)
✔ De-escalating the Use of Force
✔ Edged Weapon Defense Tactics
✔ Electronic Control Devices
✔ Firearm Retention and Disarming
✔ Firearm Safety in the Home
✔ Firearms Training Paradigm
✔ Knife Defense Tactics
✔ Laser Sighting Systems
✔ Less Lethal Force
✔ Non-dominant Hand Skills
✔ O.C. Sprays
✔ Off-Duty Survival
✔ Officer Involved Shootings
✔ Operational Characteristics of the Pistol
✔ Physiokinetics and Time Framing
✔ Physiological Response to Stress
✔ Police Shooting Tactics
✔ Pressure Point Control Tactics
✔ Risk Assessment
✔ Survival Considerations for Female Officers
✔ Tactical Groundfighting
✔ The Paradigm of Pistolcraft
✔ Use of Deadly Force: Garner v. Tennessee
✔ Use of Force Decision Making
✔ Witness to Excessive Force


✔ Achieving Peak Performance
✔ Approaching a Suspect on Foot
✔ Basic Medical Procedures
✔ Basic Physical Conditioning
✔ Basic Principles of Active Shooter Response
✔ Bike Patrol
✔ Bomb Tactics
✔ Child Abduction Response Teams (CART)
✔ Clandestine Drug Labs
✔ Coaching for High Quality Work Performance
✔ Commercial Vehicle Searches
✔ Communication Processes
✔ Community Injury Prevention Programs
✔ Conducting Traffic Stops
✔ Core Competencies of Leadership
✔ Crime Analysis Tools and Techniques
✔ Crime Prevention in the 21st Century
✔ Crimes in Progress
✔ Critical Incident Stress Management
✔ Danger on Traffic Stops
✔ Domestic Violence (Modules 1-2)

✔ Driving Safety
✔ Drug Informants
✔ Emergency Childbirth
✔ Emergency Vehicle Evacuation
✔ Ethics in Law Enforcement
✔ Evaluate and Use Non-Verbal Messages
✔ Explosives and Military Ordinance
✔ Field Sobriety Testing
✔ Foot Pursuits
✔ Geographic Information Systems and Crime Analysis
✔ Heart Health for Active Duty Officers
✔ Hostage Negotiations
✔ Hydroponics
✔ Infectious Diseases
✔ Law Enforcement Personnel Standards
✔ Major Supreme Court Decisions of 2004
✔ Managing Confrontation with Communication
✔ Managing Traumatic Injuries
✔ Mass Casualty Response
✔ Mentally Ill Crisis Intervention
✔ Military Courtesy for Uniformed Police Person
✔ Natural Disasters
✔ NHTSA Education Initiatives
✔ No Regard for Human Life (Parts 1-2) - Watch Video
✔ Non-Verbal Officer Communication
✔ Officer Training Techniques
✔ Patrol Strategies and Tactics
✔ Physical Control of a Raging Suspect
✔ Poison Exposure Hazards
✔ Police Response to Structure Fires
✔ Protection of Potential and Actual Crime Scenes
✔ Pursuit Driving
✔ Pursuit Phases and Technologies
✔ Rapid Vehicle Takedown
✔ Recognizing Possible Suspects
✔ Remote Area Techniques and Tactics
✔ Report Writing to Win Cases (Modules 1-2)
✔ Responding to Physical Child Abuse
✔ Safety Securing and Transporting Subjects
✔ School Resource Officers
✔ Sex Crimes Against Children
✔ Sex Offender Registrations
✔ Sharpening Facial Recognition Skills
✔ Single Officer Patrol
✔ Special Interest Aliens
✔ Sudden In-Custody Death Syndrome
✔ Suicide Bombers
✔ Suicide by Cop
✔ Tactical Felony Stops
✔ Tactical Response to Snipers and Mass Shootings
✔ Terrorism and the Municipal Police Department
✔ Traffic Stops and Racial Profiling (Modules 1-3)
✔ Training Techniques: SWAT
✔ Understanding Hate Crimes
✔ Vehicle Compartment Searches
✔ Vehicle Searches
✔ Verbal Judo
✔ Visual Sense Dominance
✔ Weapons of Mass Destruction Overview (Modules 1-2)
✔ WMD Decontamination Systems
✔ Women in Law Enforcement

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