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  1. How COVID-19 is Shifting Training Paradigms

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted many paradigms, including how we train professional skill sets and cognitive development. While training in the law enforcement profession differs…

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  2. St. Tammany Fire District

    How St. Tammany FPD1 Leverages their LMS to Achieve Accreditation Excellence

    Agency Stats: Area of coverage: 186 square miles Population in coverage area: Approx. 85,000 Operations: 8 fire stations Staff: 180 staff to train (including staff…

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  3. Apex (NC) Fire Department

    Apex (NC) Fire Receives Top Office of State Fire Marshal Rating, Aided by Vector LMS

    Agency Stats: Area of coverage: 65.5 square miles Population in coverage area: 73,500 Operations: 5 fire stations, 4 engine companies, 2 ladder companies, 1 Rescue…

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  4. Pandemic Firefighter Training

    New Law Enforcement Courses Approved by MN, NV, ND, SC and MI Regulatory Agencies

    Vector Solutions’ training catalog for law enforcement features more than 240 hours of continuing education for officers. The following state regulatory agencies have approved Vector’s…

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  5. Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue

    Ensuring Fairness with Callback Ranking and Automated Overtime Hiring

    Agency Information Area of coverage: 70 square miles Population in coverage area: 105,000 residents Fire Stations: 11 Staff: 265 employees (247 sworn, 18 non-sworn) Implemented…

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  6. Unified Fire Authority logo

    How Utah’s Largest Fire/EMS Agency Provides Full Transparency on Controlled Substances

    Agency Stats: Area of coverage: 400 square miles Population in coverage area: 422,049 residents in 15 municipalities and Salt Lake County Operations: 24 fire stations,…

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  7. Longview Police Department

    Longview Police Invests in Training and Technology to Better Protect and Serve Their Community

    Agency Information Population in coverage area: 37,520 residents Staff: 61 officers; total 75 sworn and civilian, plus volunteer units Implemented Vector Solutions LMS in 2016; Scheduling…

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  8. New and Customizable US&R Training Credential

    Vector Solutions released a new and customizable US&R training credential to train and track your team’s initial certification and ongoing annual requirements. Easily combining course…

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  9. Law Enforcement Training: Leadership and Communication

    Online law enforcement training offers agencies the flexibility to review critical topics without the limitations of classroom sizes and scheduling availability. Vector Solutions’ training catalog…

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  10. EMS Training: Hypothermia Assessment and Renal Failure

    Vector Solutions’ online EMS course catalog features more than 250 hours of accredited continuing education. Revamped courses in this course library include: Hypothermia Assessment and…

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