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TargetSolutions offers more than the industry’s leading online training management system. With a comprehensive suite of solutions, TargetSolutions is your one-stop-shop for managing continuing education, streamlining inspections and asset management, scheduling employees, evaluating readiness and ensuring safety and compliance. Discover the integrated systems TargetSolutions can provide for your organization.

TargetSolutions Check It™ | TargetSolutions Scheduling™ | TargetSolutions Controlled Substances | TargetSolutions Driver Assessment & Training Program

Asset Management
Streamline Inspections with TargetSolutions Check It™

TargetSolutions Check It™ simplifies your department’s routine inspections for apparatus, equipment, medical supplies and more. Using the mobile application or any web-enabled device, personnel can complete checks, track inventory and report needs for restocking or repair in real time.

Workforce Management
Manage Schedules and Callbacks with TargetSolutions Scheduling™

With TargetSolutions Scheduling™, your agency can automate shift scheduling, overtime hiring, callbacks and reports with easy-to-use tools. Manage all aspects of your employees’ schedules and track data for payroll and other reports from your mobile application.

Controlled Substances
Cradle-to-Grave Compliance Tracking

From the moment a controlled substance is acquired, to when it is administered or wasted, your agency can track it with TargetSolutions Check It™. This secure, centralized solution allows personnel to perform checks during daily drug box handoffs, track expirations and document usage from their mobile device.

Driver Safety & Compliance
TargetSolutions Driver Assessment and Training Program

Evaluate your drivers’ competencies and reinforce driver safety practices with TargetSolutions’ Driver Assessment and Training Program. This premium bundle uses immersive 3-D animations and interactive activities to expose individuals to driving hazards and promote best practices.

Premium Training
Cutting-Edge Online Courses for Today’s Workforce

TargetSolutions’ premium training catalogs feature dynamic, video-based course for a number of specialized industries. Written by subject matter experts, these libraries include: Water & Wastewater, IT & Security, Professional Security, AEC Training & Education, Cybersecurity, Facility Management and Power & Utilities.