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Fire Leadership Principles: The 10 Commandments of a Great Company Officer

Firehouse World 2018
During Firehouse World 2018, Deputy Chief of Operations for the Santa Clara County (CA) Fire Department, Steve Prziborowski, discussed fire leadership principles in his session: 10 Commandments of a Great Company Officer.

Blog by Hayley Aguilar of TargetSolutions

In a room full of fire service leaders, Steve Prziborowski, Deputy Chief of Operations for the Santa Clara County (CA) Fire Department, openly admitted he could have been a much, much better company officer, especially when it came to being a supervisor and a leader. He didn’t want to be “that guy”; meaning the designated adult that is supposed to at times say no, stop it, or knock it off. Instead, he wanted to be liked, wanted to avoid conflict, and did not want to rock the boat.

During Firehouse World 2018, Steve Prziborowski shared his insights into fire service leadership with his 10 Commandments of a Great Company Officer. After admitting that he was, at one point, a bad fire officer (not for operational purposes, but for leadership purposes), Prziborowski found that leadership can, and should be at times, lonely if you’re doing what is expected of you as a leader.

He elaborated that as a fire officer, you hold many other roles; you are also an HR professional, a risk manager, a health and safety officer, a training officer, and most importantly, the designated adult. Balancing these responsibilities means priorities need to shift from being liked by the brotherhood/sisterhood, to doing what’s right.

Prziborowski broke these ideals down into 10 Commandments to live by as a company officer:

1. Do Your Job

As a fire officer, you must lead by example. You must abide by the rules and ensure that your firefighters do as well. Be the decision-maker. The communicator. Do your job as a leader.

2. Establish and Maintain Relationships

Relationships make the difference when it comes to fire officers. Don’t be a thorn in the side of senior staff and choose your mentors/associates wisely.

3. Be the Training Officer of Your Crew

Make every moment a training moment and close the gap in known deficiencies. Rather than simply telling a firefighter the answer, make them discover it and remember it.

4. Establish Personnel Expectations

Hold your team to a standard of excellence and don’t accept mediocrity just to avoid conflict. If personnel are falling short, see to it that drills and tasks are done right.

5. Be Passionate and Have Compassion

Care for your personnel on and off-duty. As the fire officer, their health and safety (both mental and physical) are your priorities.

6. Never Forget Your Two Priorities

Provide a safe and harassment/discrimination free environment. As a leader, it is crucial to ensure personnel feel respected and competent to do their jobs – saving lives.

7. Instead of Being Liked, Go for Credibility and Respect

Not wanting to be “that guy” can lead to trouble if it means allowing firefighters to get away with damaging or outright dangerous behavior. Do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of to be well liked.

8. Know the Difference Between Management and Leadership

You lead people, and you manage things. As a fire officer, you need to have excellent planning, time management and organizational skills. Take a moment to understand your leadership styles and work to benefit the greater good. Remember, you must put your community and crew before yourself.

9. Take Ownership

Take pride in maintaining your rigs and station. Presentation is important for setting the tone for your department and again, setting standards and expectations.

10. Be the Designated Adult

When something goes wrong, no matter whose fault it is, the blame falls on who was in charge. As a leader, you need to be able to stand up to your crew and speak up when something isn’t right. While it can be hard to discipline your brothers, it’s necessary to keep order and protect your company.

Prziborowski emphasized how difficult it can be to be a leader in the fire service. You will, without a doubt, make tough decisions that you will be resented for. However, remembering your mission and keeping faith will guide you to making the right choices.

About the Speaker

Firehouse World 2018Steve Prziborowski has more than 25 years of fire service experience, currently serving as the Deputy Chief of Operations for the Santa Clara County Fire Department (Los Gatos, Calif.), where he has served since 1995. Steve is also an instructor for the Chabot College Fire Technology Program (Hayward, Calif.), where he has been instructing fire technology and EMS classes since 1993.

He is a current Executive Board Member for the California Fire Chiefs Association, serving as the Northern Division Director, a Former President of the Northern California Training Officers Association, and he received the 2008 California Fire Instructor of the year award. He is a state-certified Chief Officer and Master Instructor, and has received Chief Fire Officer Designation and Chief Training Officer Designation through the Commission on Professional Credentialing.

He has a master’s degree in emergency services administration, and has completed the Executive Fire Officer Program at the National Fire Academy. He is a member of the IAFC FRI Conference Program Planning Committee, is a regular presenter at fire service events across the country, and has authored numerous articles in all of the major fire service publications. He is also the author of three books: “How to Excel At Fire Department Promotional Exams,” “The Future Firefighter’s Preparation Guide,” and “Reach For The Badge – How To Master The Fire Department Entry-Level Testing Process.”


TargetSolutions Gives Thanks to Customers During Networking & Training Workshop in San Diego

TargetSolutions Presents Prestigious Helping Hand Awards to David Piper (Orland Fire Protection District, Ill.) and Steve Malone (Manhattan Fire Department, Ill.)

SAN DIEGO – TargetSolutions, a Vector Solutions brand offering the leading online training and records management system for public safety agencies, hosted its Networking & Training Workshop on Tuesday at Firehouse World in San Diego.

Attendees from across the country gathered at the Marriott Gaslamp Quarter’s Altitude Sky Lounge to receive platform utilization tips, network with other platform managers, and learn what TargetSolutions has in store for 2018 and beyond. TargetSolutions announced its newest product, TargetSolutions Check It, which is built to track equipment and fire apparatus inspections on a mobile device. The mighty application will be available in April.

Executive Vice President Marc Scheipe addressed attendees, thanking them for their tremendous contributions to TargetSolutions over the years. Scheipe joined the company in September of 2017 and has been impressed by the level of engagement and feedback TargetSolutions receives from its customers.

“One of the things I’ve been struck by is not only the great team I have but more so than anything the great customers we have,” Scheipe said. “It’s more than customers, you’re partners in everything we do and oftentimes on the same side of the table helping us figure out how to make the platform work better and what content to add. It’s just been my privilege to get to know all of you and my team.”

One of the afternoon’s highlights was the awards presentation in which TargetSolutions recognized several platform managers for their tremendous dedication to delivering outstanding fire department training.

The Helping Hand Awards

What Lieutenant David Piper of Orland Fire Protection District (Ill.) and Deputy Chief Steve Malone of Manhattan Fire Department (Ill.) have accomplished together with the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) in Illinois is nothing short of remarkable. The duo has teamed up to assist more than 150 neighboring departments in the state with the implementation of the TargetSolutions platform, Piper said.

In fact, the duo worked together to develop annual training trackers customized for the state of Illinois. Together they have established an innovative “Three-Year Plan” for Illinois, which breaks down the state’s requirements into three-year chunks. Piper and Malone have been leaders with the MABAS enterprise site, which is growing in the region. For this incredible commitment to firefighter training, they received the honorable award for going above and beyond to assist other agencies.

“This has been a team effort,” said Piper, whose department first signed on with TargetSolutions in 2009. “Collectively we have worked together to share ideas on how to train. I was one of the first people in my state to use TargetSolutions and I learned a lot and have shared what I have learned.”

Said Malone: “We’ve worked to help company officers and help the fire service (with TargetSolutions). TargetSolutions has helped us deliver a training program and implement it into our departments.”

From left to right, TargetSolutions’ Regional Sales Manager David Farrar, Orland Fire Protection District’s David Piper, TargetSolutions’ Account Manager Julie Blosch, and Manhattan Fire Department’s Steve Malone gathered for a picture on March 6 during the Networking & Training Workshop in San Diego. Piper and Malone were honored with the Helping Hand Award, given each year to a person or persons who go above and beyond to assist other agencies with fire department training.

The Vanguard Award

The Vanguard Award goes each year to someone who exemplifies dedication in the delivery of fire department training and this year’s recipient is Captain Rob Kandle of the Kennewick Fire Department (Wash.). Kandle is maximizing his department’s training program through TargetSolutions.

“I want to thank TargetSolutions for naming me the Vanguard Award winner,” said Kandle, who was not in attendance but recorded his comment in a video. “TargetSolutions has been a great addition in helping us accomplish a number of things that our previous records management system was struggling to do. It’s been a successful partnership with TargetSolutions and we look forward to partnering with them in the future.”

The Technology Achievement Award

Having a forward-thinking mindset is critical for fire department training leaders. Captain Kevin Platt of the Contra Costa Fire Protection District (Calif.) has consistently exhibited those qualities and was named the 2018 Technology Achievement Award winner. Last year, Platt served as a member of the TargetSolutions Fire Advisory Board and helped strategize numerous enhancements to improve the platform’s overall usability.

“On behalf of myself and the Contra Costa Fire Protection District, I would like to thank TargetSolutions for their recognition and the Technology Achievement Award. TargetSolutions has been our partner in technology for years and they enable us to keep at the forefront of our industry, by being at the top of their industry.”

Kevin Platt, Contra Costa Fire Protection District

TargetSolutions to Offer Mobile Application for Equipment and Fire Apparatus Inspections


TargetSolutions Check It is a mobile application built to simplify how Fire and EMS agencies perform fire apparatus inspections and equipment checks. Watch this video to learn how your agency will be able to streamline routine checks of trucks and tools, as well as track medical supplies, drugs and other items logged in inventory records. The application will be available for demonstration and purchase this April.

SAN DIEGO – TargetSolutions, a Vector Solutions brand offering the leading online training and records management system for public safety agencies, and Halligan, known for its powerful mobile truck checks application, announced today they have joined forces to deliver the industry’s most dynamic technology for tracking equipment and fire apparatus inspections on a mobile device.

Through this partnership, TargetSolutions will deliver a new web-based application called TargetSolutions Check It, built for streamlining routine checks of trucks and tools, as well as track medical supplies, drugs and other items logged in inventory records. The application will be accessible through the TargetSolutions platform and ready for demonstrations in April.

If you would like to join the early interest list for TargetSolutions Check It, please complete the form and a TargetSolutions representative will be in touch in April with more information.

“This is an exciting development for emergency responders,” said Marc Scheipe, who serves as executive vice president for Vector Solutions’ Public Sector business unit. “For years, TargetSolutions has been at the forefront of innovative technology for delivering and tracking training and compliance. Now, we have a powerful new mobile application for apparatus and equipment checks.

“With TargetSolutions Check It, routine checks are simplified, and the data is easily accessible through the TargetSolutions platform. TargetSolutions Check It gives Fire and EMS agencies insight into their inventory, so they can spot issues in real time. This is the kind of technology TargetSolutions strives to deliver because it makes agencies more efficient and effective.”

With TargetSolutions Check It, agencies can create customized checklists or download checklists from a shared library. They can track their resources online and view intuitive reports featuring automatically generated graphs and figures. These easy-to-digest records help agencies visualize risk, ensure performance, and achieve compliance.

TargetSolutions Check It will be available on desktop and iOS and Android mobile devices in April. If you would like to join the early interest list, please register today and a TargetSolutions representative will be in touch in April with more information.

“For years, TargetSolutions has been at the forefront of innovative technology for delivering and tracking training and compliance. Now, we have a powerful new mobile application for apparatus and equipment checks.”

Marc Scheipe, Executive Vice President, Vector Solutions

About TargetSolutions

TargetSolutions, a Vector Solutions brand, delivers award-winning, real-time training and record-keeping solutions to the fire services, emergency medical services, risk pools, cities and municipalities, law enforcement and public works industries. The company provides engaging, accredited online training courses, cutting-edge software applications, and dynamic performance management solutions to help make organizations safer, more capable, and more compliant. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter @TargetSolutions and on Facebook at:

About Vector Solutions

Vector Solutions, a leader in eLearning and performance support, provides award-winning SaaS solutions for the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), industrial, facilities management, public safety, IT and education industries. Its brands, RedVector, TargetSolutions, and SafeSchools, deliver continuing education (CE), training, technology and performance management solutions using the latest innovations in learning and technology to create safer, more capable, more compliant organizations. Its extensive online and mobile learning library exceeds more than 7,000 courses written by 200 subject matter experts and reaches over 5 million professionals worldwide. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. For more information, visit Follow us on twitter @VectorPerform and on Facebook at:

TargetSolutions’ EMS Training Catalog Undergoes Major Boost


TargetSolutions is excited to release EMS HazMat Medical Emergencies Advanced. This all-new course features the latest innovations in online training and is accepted by CAPCE. In addition, TargetSolutions has enhanced three additional titles, including EMS Infectious Disease Control, EMS Understanding the Basics of ECGs, and EMS Operating an AED.

targetsolutions platform enhancementsFor EMS providers, executing the proper procedure, safely and effectively, makes all the difference in protecting patients and themselves. TargetSolutions’ comprehensive EMS continuing education catalog delivers more than 160 hours of accredited training for EMS personnel. As part of TargetSolutions’ efforts to provide a modern training experience, TargetSolutions released an all-new course, EMS HazMat Medical Emergencies Advanced, and updated three pre-existing courses.

EMS HazMat Medical Emergencies Advanced offers personnel a robust introduction to the complex management of HazMat medical emergency patients. This brand-new course serves as an ideal refresher for paramedics already training in this specialty.

HazMat Medical Emergencies Advanced, which has been accepted by all CAPCE states, as well as the state of Florida for continuing education, helps personnel review the necessary factors to providing proper care to patients, including pre-planning, thorough assessment, advanced instrumentation that detect background and patient diagnostic abnormalities and knowledge of the toxidromes and drug formulary.

While this course presents evidence-based information from national sources and standards, local medical control will be the final arbiter and the AHJ over drug administration, dosages, and clinical indications.

“HazMat response training is crucial to all first responders. With instructor-led, video-based content, this course details how to approach these potentially dangerous situations with safety and care. This training, as well as the other 3 updated courses, are critical for both those new to the profession and paramedics in need of refresher training.”

Bryan Fitzgerald, Content Manager, TargetSolutions     

In addition, TargetSolutions has recently revised the following EMS course titles:

EMS Infectious Disease Control: Provides an overview of the risks and realities of infectious disease exposure incidents in the prehospital environment and reviews the requirements for complying with the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard.

EMS Understanding the Basics of ECGs: Introduces to the basics of electrical conduction in the heart, including the fundamentals of using an ECG machine and ECG tools, the normal sinus rhythm, ECG leads, and concepts related to the recognition of arrhythmias on the ECG.

EMS Operating an AED: Highlights the signs and symptoms of cardiac compromise, the steps to take to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) properly, special considerations and precautions involving the use of an AED.

The four courses were written by subject matter experts and include real, relevant information for first responders. Course narrators guide learners through each lesson and highlight key points that will be useful in the field. Audio-driven content is also reinforced with a dynamic interface featuring engaging images.

As users progress through each video-based module, they are able to fluidly navigate through the material with options to toggle the video player back-and-forth between lessons. Frequent in-course quizzes test for comprehension of the material and once they’ve completed the course, a 10-question exam will prove user’s retention of critical methods and systems.

TargetSolutions Updates Sexual Harassment Training to Comply with California’s Senate Bill 396

Sexual harassment not only causes a hostile work environment, but the United States Department of Labor estimates it costs organizations around $1 billion in damages each year.

In 2017, the state of California passed a new Senate Bill (SB 396), which requires organizations with 50 or more employees to provide training on harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. This new law is an addition to AB 1825 that requires mandatory sexual harassment training for supervisors who work for companies with at least 50 employees.

As a result of SB 396, TargetSolutions updated its existing “Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors (California’s AB 1825)” training course to ensure it contains the most recent changes. TargetSolutions’ two-hour course offers detailed lessons, engaging interactions, and real-life scenarios to educate personnel, achieve compliance, and create safer work environments.

As the new law requires, the updated content covers gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. The updated videos can be found in lesson 4 of TargetSolutions’ AB 1825 course.

Please click here to view information on Senate Bill No. 396.