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  1. Preventing Cancer in the Fire Industry

    By Marc Scheipe, Executive Vice President at TargetSolutions  Firefighting is dangerous. Everyone appreciates the perils of this valiant profession and the bravery our everyday heroes…

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  2. Coming Soon: More Than 1,500 New Training Courses for Municipal Employees

     More than 1,500 new training courses for municipal employees are coming soon to TargetSolutions’ expansive online course library. These courses address crucial topics for…

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  3. Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Training Course Educates Personnel on How to Reduce Exposure to Infectious Materials

     TargetSolutions’ Bloodborne Pathogens Safety training course helps personnel mitigate risks of exposure to potentially infectious materials and implement protection strategies. Bloodborne Pathogens Safety is…

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  4. Best Practices for Logging ISO Training Hours in TargetSolutions

    To ensure your agency is properly using the ISO credential in TargetSolutions to track hours for your department’s next ISO review, keep these points in…

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  5. New Store Rooms Feature for TargetSolutions Check It™ Application

    TargetSolutions continues ongoing enhancements to TargetSolutions Check It™ application for apparatus and equipment checks with the release of Store Rooms for online inventory management. The TargetSolutions…

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  6. TargetSolutions Online Training Helps Fulfill Annual Police Training Requirements

    Annual Police Training Requirements Being a police officer is a demanding career that requires a great deal of specialized training. As professionals dedicated to enforcing…

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  7. The Ultimate Deal – Request One-on-One Consultation

  8. Meet the Team: Get to Know Account Manager Ryan Aneson

    Ryan Aneson joined the TargetSolutions team as an account manager in May. She came across the opportunity at TargetSolutions on LinkedIn and thought it would…

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  9. City of Weirton Fire Department Utilizes TargetSolutions’ ISO and Custom-Built Apprenticeship Credentials

    Fire Chief Jerry Shumate of the City of Weirton Fire Department (WV) faces the same challenge as other smaller departments: Managing hundreds of mandated training…

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  10. TargetSolutions Revamps EMS Continuing Education Catalog

    TargetSolutions added more than 90 new EMS CE courses to its online EMS training catalog with up-to-date content and engaging formats. As the industry leader…

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