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  1. Subscribing to TargetSolutions Forums

    New TargetSolutions Platform Enhancement: Subscribing to Forum Topics

    Sharing and discussing training with peers allows personnel to engage with learning material and improve their knowledge. TargetSolutions’ Forum provides a secure, online location to…

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  2. TargetSolutions Scheduling™ for Fire Department Callbacks

    Fire Department Callbacks: How Does Your Department Ensure Coverage?

    When an emergency strikes, the public isn’t thinking about their fire department’s shift staffing levels. They are expecting a timely response from firefighters and EMS…

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  3. RT-130: Wildland Fire Safety Refresher Training

    RT-130 Wildland Fire Safety Training Refreshed for 2019

    Recent trends in wildfires have been nothing short of devastating. Record-setting fires in 2017 and 2018 ravaged northern and southern California with roughly 8.8 and…

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  4. TargetSolutions Scheduling™ 30-Day Trial – Fire Service Registration Page

    TargetSolutions Scheduling™: Your Complete Solution to Workforce Management TargetSolutions Scheduling™ offers a dynamic solution for employee resourcing and human capital management. Designed for the unpredictability…

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  5. TargetSolutions Scheduling™ 30-Day Trial – Law Enforcement Registration Page

    The Ultimate Workforce Management Solution for Law Enforcement Managing your crew scheduling tasks has never been easier with TargetSolutions Scheduling™. Accessible as a powerful mobile…

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  6. Account Manager Amy Cline

    Meet the Team: Get to Know Client Success Manager Amy Cline

    Originally from North Carolina, Amy Cline moved to San Diego about six years ago on a whim. Looking for an opportunity where she could make…

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  7. Calibre Press & TargetSolutions Online Law Enforcement Training

    New Calibre Press Courses Address Law Enforcement Stress, Leadership and Interviewing

    New Calibre Press courses in TargetSolutions’ platform address law enforcement stress, leadership and interviewing with video-based lessons.  TargetSolutions joined forces with Calibre Press, a leading…

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  8. Account Manager Kelly Chuckta

    Meet the Team: Get to Know Account Manager Kelly Chuckta

    Kelly Chuckta joined the TargetSolutions team in August 2018 as an Account Manager focusing on implementation. After being raised in Orange County, CA, where she…

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  9. Account Manager Roger Garcia

    Meet the Team: Get to Know Client Success Manager Roger Garcia

    Roger Garcia joined TargetSolutions as a Client Success Manager in November 2018. Originally from Guatemala, Roger moved to San Diego when he was 11 years…

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  10. Ensure Preparedness with Revamped First Responder Operations Refresher Training

    TargetSolutions’ four-part course, First Responder Operations Level Refresher, was updated with engaging videos and refreshed content to provide up-to-date training and offer practical lessons for…

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