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  1. CrewSense Demo – Watch Video LP

  2. City of Dickson Fire Department

    City of Dickson Fire Department Streamlines Inspections and Asset Management

    The City of Dickson Fire Department (TN) has used TargetSolutions for training and records management since hearing about the system from a neighbor department in…

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  3. 2019 Evaluations Plus Early List Redirect

  4. Online Police Officer Training Courses | TargetSolutions

    TargetSolutions to Demonstrate New Training and Operations Management Innovations at ILEETA

    Discover TargetSolutions’ new innovations for law enforcement during the 2019 ILEETA Conference and Expo such as the TargetSolutions Check It™ application for equipment, vehicle and…

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  5. All-New Law Enforcement Courses from Calibre Press

     TargetSolutions releases new video-based training courses for law enforcement through partnership with Calibre Press. Through TargetSolutions’ partnership with Calibre Press, a leader in law…

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  6. New Bucket/Boom Truck Safety Course & Updated Driver Training

     TargetSolutions’ Motor Vehicle Safety Training catalog features extensive courses covering important fleet topics such as defensive driving strategies, driver safety for large vehicle drivers,…

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  7. Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District Streamline Workforce Management

     Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District (CA) utilizes CrewSense, which joined forces with TargetSolutions earlier this year, to streamline its crew scheduling, callbacks, and other…

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  8. TargetSolutions Enhances EMS Courses with Engaging Content

    TargetSolutions Enhances EMS Continuing Education Courses with Engaging Content

    TargetSolutions’ online EMS continuing education catalog offers more than 250 hours of dynamic training that has been approved by CAPCE. To keep training content fresh…

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  9. Platform Solutions for Law Enforcement

  10. Law Enforcement Accreditations