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Take Your ARFF Training to a Higher Level with TargetSolutions’ Firefighter Training System

TargetSolutions’ ready-made ARFF firefighter training solution features custom activities covering the FAA’s training DVD, as well as more than a dozen video-based training courses.

As we march through the height of fire season, it’s imperative that local crews are prepared on how to handle fire-related emergencies as they develop in and around airports. Whether the hazard is related to land, air or sea, maintaining a thorough working knowledge of aircraft rescue fundamentals can help to save lives. TargetSolutions’ Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting training solution provides a complete package of custom activities and engaging courses to satisfy your department’s mandated ARFF requirements.

The platform, equipped with unique training management functions and features to track compliance, delivers the Federal Aviation Administration’s training DVD through TargetSolutions’ powerful Activities Builder application. Complete with over a dozen lessons centered around emergency response, hazard mitigation, evacuation and rescue, this ready-made solution will efficiently and effectively meet annual FAA training regulations.

Titles of courses in this bundle include:

  • Adapting and Using Structural Equipment
  • Aircraft Cargo Hazards (Parts 1-2)
  • Aircraft Familiarization
  • Aircraft Rescue – Emergency Communications
  • Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Ops
  • Application of Extinguishing Agents (Parts 1-4)
  • Aviation Incident Response/Crash Rescue Management
  • Command and Control of Aircraft Incidents
  • Emergency Aircraft Evacuation
  • Out of the Blue
  • Personnel Safety
  • Vehicle Rescue
  • Water Rescue

“TargetSolutions’ Aircraft Rescue Firefighting bundle covers a special category of firefighting. With a unique blend of courses and features, this bundle will help prepare local firefighters, ground crews, and anyone else who responds to fire events in or around airports.”

Misty Pratt, Senior Product Manager, TargetSolutions

For more information on TargetSolutions’ ARFF firefighter training solution or any other training found in our course library, please contact us today at 1-800-840-8048.

Activities Builder Upgraded with ‘Busy Training Officers in Mind’

TargetSolutions prioritizes client feedback to improve the training platform. The latest enhancements to the Activities Builder are implemented with busy training managers in mind.

TargetSolutions, the leading provider of online training management applications for public entities, recently implemented upgrades that will save agencies time when creating, delivering and organizing activities and files. The newest updates include:

  • Mass Management of Activities
  • Brand-New Archive Functionality
  • Activity Assignment Pass Through
  • File Versioning

Mass Management of Activities

To streamline managing imported and custom training activities, TargetSolutions has added new features to the Activities Builder. Mass management of activities allows you to edit and organize multiple activities from one location.

Using the brand-new drop-down menu, administrators can apply changes across various selected activities simultaneously. The drop-down also allows you to archive old activities from the platform as they become outdated and irrelevant. By doing so, training officers can better navigate their list of activities and spend less time sorting through outdated ones.

Other new aspects to the Activities page bypass the steps to preview and adjust your activities. The Preview and Settings icons show how an activity appears to users and to edit its category or requirements.

Brand-New Archive Functionality

The Archive is also an all-new feature that will improve your organization of activities. TargetSolutions’ Archive allows you to remove items from the main activities list and move them to a separate Archive area through the drop-down menu in Activities Builder. By doing so, platform managers will reduce clutter and user completions will still appear in reports to show compliance with requirements.Custom Training Activities

Activity Assignment Pass Through

To make building and delivering custom training activities easier, TargetSolutions’ Activity Assignment Pass Through function allows you to build your activity and immediately assign it to users. Streamlining these functionalities reduce the number of clicks it takes to ensure your training activities are up-to-date and ready to go for users.

File Versioning

Previously, updating policies or other files in the File Center required manual reattachment of the new file to activities. However, with File Versioning, updated documents in the File Center will automatically be replaced in any activity to which that file is attached. This assists you in updating custom training activities and encourages departments to stay up-to-date on policy and procedure changes.

Not only is File Versioning a more convenient way to revise documents, but File Versioning will not change the files in activities that have already been completed. This allows users to view the version of the file originally attached at the time of their completion.

“These enhancements are designed with busy training officers in mind. Now, platform managers can make updates to activities with just a few simple clicks. We are always striving to make the platform more efficient and save platform managers’ time.”

Misty Pratt, Senior Product Manager, TargetSolutions

For more information about the Activities Builder, please visit TargetSolutions’ online Help System or contact us today at (800) 840-8048! 

Webinar Recap: Leading with Attitude! Secrets of the Rock Star Engine Company

Rock Star Engine Company

A formidable rock band and engine company aren’t all that different. Hard to believe? Maybe not so much. This new webinar defines a rock star engine company and preaches the universal traits of teamwork, communication and group synergy.

If you were a rock star touring with the hottest band in the world, what would be your role?

Blistering guitar solos? Screeching ballads? Crazy onstage antics before thousands of cheering fans? Believe it or not, no matter how wild the band or how hard the music, the same common structure and principles that serve as the backbone for the rockers we know and love are the same fundamentals found in patrolling engine companies across the country.Rock Star Engine Company

Hard to fathom? Perhaps not so much as the brand new webinar Leading with Attitude! Secrets of the Rock Star Engine Company, sponsored by TargetSolutions, explores that very comparison.

Hanover (VA) Fire-EMS Division Chief Eddie Buchanan mirrors the versatile teamwork of an engine company to that of a traditional rock band where every person plays a role and preparation is key. What makes Buchanan so qualified to make such a comparison? Simple: he’s a professional touring drummer which simultaneously inspired him to coin the idea of a rock star engine company. With over 20 years of experience in the fire service and a wealth of knowledge on the rock n’ roll highway, the similarities between the two industries became obvious.

“There are a lot of instances in a musical situation where I thought, ‘odd, we do this in the entertainment business but we don’t do it in the fire service,’ and vice versa,” said Buchanan in the 75-minute long webinar. “There are a lot of parallels back and forth.”

Are there ever. Every person has a role to play. Communication has to be perfect. The equipment has to be 100% operational. Sound familiar? Whether it’s  between band mates or an engine company, the requirements remain the same. As Buchanan points out, “something broke is not an acceptable outcome.”

Throughout the presentation, Buchanan draws on his musical experiences, which he stresses are not life or death scenarios, and applies them to the fire service and how important it is to be prepared. Firefighters need to communicate, they need to practice, and most of all they need to operate at an elite level; that’s what makes a rock star engine company. When an entertainer is set for a performance, a mediocre performer will be nervous whereas an elite performer will be excited. “An elite performer will recognize that’s an opportunity for me to show what I can do,” said Buchanan.

A second sponsored webinar, What You Can Do to Improve ISO Grading Through Training, dives deep into the ISO’s Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) with a focus on fire department training and planning.Rock Star Engine Company

Presented by Joseph W. Fratanaro, a Community Hazard Mitigation manager with the ISO, the webinar explores the history of ISO, how it has changed over the years, and how fire departments can ensure they’re meeting the necessary requirements.

“Insurance has been around since the days of Ben Franklin. It goes back that far,” said Fratanaro. “It has changed over time but what insurance folk do is look at risk and try to mitigate risk.”

“The schedule comes down to how well you do what you do out there.”

Both webinars are currently available for viewing by clicking the “Watch Webinar” buttons. For more information about how TargetSolutions can help streamline your training, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048. 

TargetSolutions: The Future of Firefighter Training Today

Firefighter training requirements can be costly, complex and time-consuming, but TargetSolutions’ revolutionary records management technology makes all of those drawbacks a thing of the past.

Once upon a time, it cost a quarter to send or receive a text message. Before that, in what perhaps can be construed as a twist of irony, a phone line was required to check e-mail. Rewind even further to the days of needing a bottle of white-out to fix a typo while blazing away on your electric typewriter.

Technology is always evolving. If you don’t stop to look around every once in a while, then you may just miss it.

Take a second and think about how firefighter training requirements and tracking used to be, back when countless midnight hours were spent harvesting endless mountaintops of paperwork. Perhaps “used to be” is an understatement and the above description accurately depicts your department’s current training situation. Regardless, it simply doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Firefighter Training Technology

When it comes to firefighter training technology, TargetSolutions is at the forefront. What used to take a battalion of officers several days (or even weeks) to accomplish can now be completed before lunch with a few simple clicks.

TargetSolutions, established in 1999 and headquartered in San Diego, California, is the undisputed leader in matching up technology with the ever-growing list of firefighter training requirements. With its sleek interface, innovative features, and a massive library of engaging training courses, it’s no mystery why more than 2,000 fire departments nationwide call the powerful TargetSolutions online training management system their own.


Remember the days of having to count minutes on your phone? You may have lost track every so often, but your phone company certainly never did, and they had the bills to prove it. TargetSolutions has turned the tables on that technology by delivering a dynamic tracking mindset straight to your fingertips. Pre-course work? Tracked. Practical or online training assignments? Tracked. Policy reviews or license renewals? Tracked.

firefighter training requirements

TargetSolutions’ Manage Credentials tool is an optimum way to streamline your department’s firefighter training requirements, prepare for ISO audits, and fully meet compliance.

Whether you work for a large metro department or a smaller combination/volunteer agency, TargetSolutions is fully customizable to maximize results and streamline your training needs. Save time and money with an innovative solution that gives departments the ability to meet firefighter training requirements, eliminate unnecessary expenses and reduce risk.

When it comes to the ease of tracking every morsel of training, Assistant Chief Tracy Braley of the Cape Canaveral Volunteer Fire Department had this to say: “TargetSolutions makes training painless. It enables me to provide more training for our firefighters with less staff and less money without sacrificing quality.”


There’s no shortage of ISO horror stories as training officers from departments big and small can attest to how grueling such a review can be. Struggling to piece together spreadsheets, searching for records, and deciphering what training meets which requirements can feel like wandering through a labyrinth of breadcrumbs.

firefighter training requirements

Tracking training for ISO used to be a monumental task but not anymore. TargetSolutions’ ISO Training Tracker will seamlessly organize your department’s information for an ISO report.

However, what used to be a colossal undertaking is now just another day at the office. TargetSolutions’ ISO Training Tracker consists of dynamic online courses and digital tracking reports that are built specifically to meet ISO’s standards. TargetSolutions’ intuitive recordkeeping system will automatically track assignment completions and generate detailed reports that are structured perfectly for ISO’s reviewing process.

The Oklahoma City Fire Department, which employs nearly 1,000 personnel, powered itself to a Class 1 ISO rating utilizing TargetSolutions.

“The mass data that you have to collect and give to ISO for their rating, that’s more readily available,” Chief Keith Bryant said. “With TargetSolutions it’s better, more accurate.”

In an instance of role reversal, departments already achieving a Class 1 rating have jumped ship from brick-and-mortar training strategies to join the digital revolution. Lieutenant William Riess of the Cherry Hill Fire Department in New Jersey recalled how his department was already a Class 1, so the goal was to sustain rather than achieve.

“We were using about a dozen different programs to capture what TargetSolutions does for us in one,” said Riess.

When asked about the ISO Training Tracker, Riess praised it as the ultimate selling point: “All of what we just went through is alleviated by going with TargetSolutions.”


After merging with CentreLearn Solutions in 2014, TargetSolutions became the undisputed choice for EMS training. Organizationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (formerly known as CECBEMS), EMS recertification has never been easier.

firefighter training requirements

The Manage Credentials application makes EMS recertification easier than ever.

With continuing education that meets federal, state, and local mandates, TargetSolutions offers more than 160 hours of EMS recertification courses for all provider levels, including 80 hours of training approved by the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

Holy Spirit EMS (formerly West Shore Emergency Medical Services), a leading provider of pre-hospital services in Pennsylvania, has been employing TargetSolutions for 15 years. To deliver its goal of top-notch patient care and assistance, close to 200 employees from the agency need effective training. Traditionally, this requires a streamlined training strategy that can be complicated and costly, a problem that EMS Director Steve Poffenberger insists is a non-factor with TargetSolutions.

“I’m often asked, ‘how do you manage all of those people?’ I just tell them, it’s simple: we subscribe to TargetSolutions,” said Poffenberger.  “I know for a fact we are saving money by doing it this route. It can be very time consuming and expensive scheduling instructor-led training for our employees. There are instructor costs, overtime costs, venue costs. The more we can push out this way the better.”

The Manage Credentials application, an easy-to-use tool for managing online EMS training, puts you in the driver’s seat for tracking the training personnel need to remain compliant. Scheduling applications, assignment deadline alert notifications, and delivering and tracking employee training records are just a few of the highlights of this powerhouse feature.

Steve Prziborowski, Deputy Chief of Administrative Services for the Santa Clara County Fire Department, praised the system for its handling of EMS credentials: “The biggest things I think we are benefiting from are the credentials management. Beforehand we were using different systems to track EMS credentials, different systems to track DMV credentials. … By merging all those into one, I think that’s provided us with a lot more efficiency.”


Firefighter training requirements

The Activities Builder gives you the power to deliver customizable training content to all of your employees.

Tracking the rigorous firefighter training requirements, simplifying ISO and managing recertification all converge to a delta of compliance for your department or organization. Grunt work is a thing of the past; gone are the days of hunching over boundless accordions of file cabinets. Instead, training managers can oversee every facet of their department’s training with a few clicks of a mouse.

Have to create alerts for required documentation? TargetSolutions is the solution. Need to stay current on licenses or certifications? TargetSolutions has you covered. Looking for the most innovative online training courses available to the fire industry? TargetSolutions offers more than 450 hours of the most engaging courses available written to the NFPA’s codes and standards.

The Activities Builder, another integral cog of the TargetSolutions platform, facilitates the delivery of custom content. Platform managers can incorporate videos, policies, SOGs, and organization-specific content into training assignments while tracking completion rates every step of the way.


  • TargetSolutions will streamline your entire training program
  • Never break a sweat for ISO reporting again
  • Every hour of every training assignment will be tracked
  • Required documents, reports, policies, and other organizational materials are only a click away
  • More than 450 hours of fire department training, including 160 hours of EMS recertification coursework
  • Available 24/7 and mobile compatibility

Have a question? Encountering an issue? TargetSolutions’ world-class support team is always standing by to help you along the way. Diving into a brave new world of technology can be intimidating, but with TargetSolutions, you’re certainly never alone. This is the future of training – today.

At this day and age, firefighter training requirements shouldn’t stress you out. To get started with TargetSolutions, contact us today at (800) 840-8048 to learn more. 

Meet the Team: Get to Know Client Services Representative Scott Leyland

Scott Leyland

Scott Leyland joined TargetSolutions’ Client Services team this past April.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Scott Leyland joined TargetSolutions’ Client Services team this past April. A recent graduate of San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in economics, Scott found the opening for a Client Services Representative via Google Maps in what turned out to be a case of “X marks the spot.” Intrigued, he immediately applied for the position.

Upon arriving to his interview, Regional Sales Manager Steve Walsh informed Scott that his collar was crooked. After fixing what became known as the Collar Incident, Scott interviewed with five TargetSolutions team members and was confident that this was the right fit for him. In his own words, Scott has “enjoyed working for a company that has a lot of great people who are willing to help.”

Scott is looking forward to learning how customers use TargetSolutions’ services in order to further understand their needs so he can better assist them.

To learn more about Scott, check out this recent Q-and-A:

What is your favorite food?

Pizza, both thin crust and deep dish.

What are a couple of your hobbies?

Ice hockey and golf. I have played hockey since I was six years old, and it has provided some of the best times of my life. Golf came naturally to me thanks to playing hockey.

Favorite TV show?

Game of Thrones and Hockey Night in Canada

Favorite book?

Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield

Favorite restaurant?

I love going out to sushi restaurants. Café Japengo is probably the best that I have been to.

Favorite movie?

My favorite movie is Gladiator. I always find myself choosing it while channel surfing.

Land or water?

Land. I went on a few backpacking trips in the Sierras when I was in middle school and loved being in the mountains.

Movie or play?

Movie. I am always amazed by the special effects and stunts, especially in action movies.

What is your dream vacation?

I would love to go see Western Europe and Scandinavia for the history, and since my ancestors are from there.

Fun fact about yourself?

I write left handed, but I play hockey and golf right handed and throw right handed. So, I am a little ambidextrous.

TargetSolutions to Showcase Enhanced Platform Usability During Fire-Rescue International

SAN DIEGO – TargetSolutions, the leading provider of e-Learning applications for the fire service, will unveil game-changing enhancements for managing fire department training at the International Association of Fire Chief’s (IAFC) 2017 Fire-Rescue International in Charlotte, N.C.

2017 Fire-Rescue International

TargetSolutions will unveil new platform updates at the IAFC’s 2017 Fire-Rescue International.

TargetSolutions will be at booth No. 1237 during exhibit hall hours July 27-29 to answer questions and showcase recent updates to the industry’s most dynamic online firefighter training technology.

In 2016, more than 16.5 million training and compliance tasks were completed by thousands of agencies utilizing the platform. New upgrades will make that process even more user-friendly, said TargetSolutions’ Director of Product & User Experience Jennifer Jones.

“TargetSolutions is focused on releasing time-saving updates that reduce the number of clicks it takes to get where you want to go,” Jones said. “Our most recent set of updates were designed with busy training officers in mind.”

Here are some of TargetSolutions’ new capabilities that will be on display during FRI:

  • The ability to manage and deliver custom activities with fewer steps when tracking training and compliance
  • The ability to efficiently assign activities directly from the activity build page
  • The ability to effectively control file versioning inside the system, as well as upload pictures and other documents on mobile devices

In addition to enhanced usability, attendees of the annual conference can learn more about TargetSolutions’ latest training courses, including the all-new NFPA® 1410 Fireground Evolutions Series.

Soon fire departments will be able to create their own competency assessment to test firefighters’ knowledge and fill training gaps, Jones said. New functionality will enable training officers to set test questions and automatically assign TargetSolutions courses and their own activities to explain concepts behind missed questions.

“New courses and platform functionalities like this are a part of TargetSolutions’ goal of continuous improvement. Upcoming TargetSolutions product enhancements will continue to make it even easier to create, deliver and track through the platform.”

Jennifer Jones, Director of Product & User Experience, TargetSolutions

Additionally, a TargetSolutions representative will attend the IAFC’s Volunteer & Combination Officers Section’s (VCOS) annual meeting where Michael Accardo III of the St. Tammany Fire District 9 will be honored as the 2017 Training Officer Recognition Award winner. Accardo, a chief of training and safety for the combination department in Bush, La., was selected for the prestigious honor because of his unmatched commitment to delivering innovative firefighter training.

This marks the fourth year in a row TargetSolutions and the VCOS are teaming up to present the prestigious honor, which is designated each year for an individual who displays exemplary conduct befitting of a training officer. Capt. Chip Everett of Oshtemo Township Fire Department (Mich.), Asst. Chief Brad Pinsky of Manlius Fire Department (N.Y.) and Deputy Chief Steve Malone of the Manhattan Fire Protection District (Ill.) won the award in previous years.

About TargetSolutions

TargetSolutions delivers cutting-edge software applications, engaging online training courses, and world-class customer service. The company was founded in 1999 and today there are more than 4,000 organizations across the country using TargetSolutions’ innovative technology to solve their training challenges. For questions about TargetSolutions, please check online at or contact us today (800) 840-8048.


Working in Extreme Temperatures Training Course Educates Personnel on Safety Precautions

Working under severe hot or cold weather conditions can put individuals’ bodies at risk. TargetSolutions’ Working in Extreme Temperatures course educates personnel, according to OSHA standards, on how to prevent heat and cold stress disorders.

June 2017 has been a hot start to the summer season; reaching record breaking temperatures and starting wildfires across states such as Arizona, California and New Mexico. In these conditions, agencies and organizations across all industries need to understand the hazards of working in extreme heat.

Individuals working in extreme heat or cold can develop heat or cold stress disorders if they don’t follow safety guidelines. TargetSolutions’ course, Working in Extreme Temperatures, provides an overview of how these disorders develop based on climate factors and how to effectively treat them in the case of an emergency.

This 10-module course takes roughly one hour to complete and addresses the causes and symptoms of temperature-related stress disorders.

“It talks about preparing yourself as an individual, working in these temperatures, and what you can do to mitigate these potential hazards. The course is applicable for all industries.”

Jennifer Jones, Director of Product and User Experience, TargetSolutions

Heat stress disorders occur when individuals are unable to maintain their body temperature in a hot environment. Disorders range from heat rash, heat exhaustion to heat stroke and carry symptoms such as mild skin irritation to fever and loss of consciousness.

Cold stress disorders such as hypothermia and frostbite take over when the human body loses too much body heat. If untreated, individuals risk loss of limbs or even death.

TargetSolutions’ course is compliant with federal OSHA standards. For organizations looking to satisfy specific state requirements, platform administrators can simply add their content to the end of the course and deliver it to personnel.

As weather patterns continue to create more polar seasons, individuals must protect themselves when working in extreme heat or cold. TargetSolutions’ Working in Extreme Temperatures course provides necessary information for employees to prevent themselves from falling ill and identify when others develop heat or cold stress disorders.

For questions about TargetSolutions’ OSHA online training catalog, please contact us today (800) 840-8048!

TargetSolutions Releases Florida-Specific NFPA 1 and NFPA 101 Training Courses

TargetSolutions’ four new courses for Florida firefighters explore state-specific updates for NFPA 1 and NFPA 101.

TargetSolutions is excited to announce the release of a series of courses that focus on the 2015 Florida-specific version updates to NFPA 1 and NFPA 101. Packed with eight hours of brand new content exclusive to Florida-state compliancy, these four courses are split evenly with two modules dedicated to the NFPA 1 Fire Code and the other two to NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. All courses are written with Florida-Certified Fire Inspectors I and II in mind.

Each lesson comes equipped with its own set of learning lessons – 52 across four courses – and is followed up with a 10-question exam. The information in each course is delivered in an audio-driven format and is loaded with rich content and images.

Behavioral objectives of this new training series include the following:

  • Explain the summary of changes within the 2015 Florida-Specific Version of the NFPA 1 Fire Code
  • Explain the summary of changes within the 2015 Florida-Specific Version of the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • Interpret the definition changes in both codes
  • Recognize the importance of the Florida-Certified Fire Inspector role

“We’ve catered this training specifically for the state of Florida because there’s a lot of ground to cover. These new courses will enable Florida compliance while keeping Florida-Certified Fire Inspectors abreast of any changes.”

Bryan Fitzgerald, Content Manager, TargetSolutions

Module one of NFPA 1 covers the Florida-Specific Fire Code through Chapter 13 while module two reviews Chapters 14-75. Module 3, which is where NFPA 101 comes into play, reviews Chapters 1-6 of the Florida-Specific Life Safety Code. Module 4 wraps things up with Chapters 7-31.

For more information on Florida-specific NFPA 1 and NFPA 101 training, please contact TargetSolutions today at (800) 840-8048.

E-Learning Modernization Will Lead to More Dynamic Training Content in Future

Scenario-based training, virtual reality, microlearning format, and powerful course-development applications are pillars of e-Learning modernization and the future of computer-based training.

The world of training is changing. As more organizations incorporate online courses into their training regimen, e-Learning is becoming more dynamic. With growing demand, TargetSolutions continues to develop resources that enhance engagement and improve comprehension for users.

The future of cutting-edge content and technology is transforming how agencies train. The following tools are on the horizon of e-Learning modernization:

  • Scenario-based training
  • Virtual reality
  • Microlearning
  • Course-development applications

Scenario-Based Training

Scenario-based training allows users to practice decision-making in situations they’ll likely encounter in the field. This form of training tells the story behind learned concepts and helps users retain critical information from online courses. Scenario-based activities also save time and money by placing the learner in a realistic setting without the risk or cost of hands-on training.

Virtual Reality

“Virtual Reality” is a buzz word for e-Learning modernization. Understanding concepts is one thing, but virtual reality places the user inside the experience. Using virtual reality for online training fully immerses an individual into an environment so they understand what they will be walking into while in the field.

For example, a fleet driver could benefit from using virtual reality to study the different parts of a cockpit. The ability to look around the work area from all angles makes the driver more likely to remember what to do when working on the cockpit in person and execute procedures smoothly.

Virtual reality, however, doesn’t mean every employee must now purchase their own headset. Advancements in 360-degree images allows users to access the imagery of virtual reality from their computer.


While most training material teaches users on how to perform a task, microlearning serves as performance support in the field. Providing personnel with microlearning tools leads to higher retention, fewer mistakes on the job, and lower long-term costs of training.

So what is microlearning? Microlearning courses are condensed lessons that can be reviewed within a few minutes. Its purpose is to reinforce already learned concepts to ensure employees complete their jobs as efficiently and safely as possible.

Being mobile-optimized, microlearning courses are also more convenient than going through an entire lesson to find the correct topic. Employees have the information they need right at their fingertips.

Course-Development Application

The course-development application streamlines the course customization process for faster implementation. This means being able to personalize training to the department’s needs and delivering the content with less time in between.

“The more effort we can put into interactive engagement to create learning experiences, the more students will have that ‘aha’ moment and understand things better,” said Ammon Wiese, who serves as TargetSolutions’ director of content.

TargetSolutions is focused on e-Learning modernization. These types of on-demand resources such as scenario-based lessons, virtual reality, microlearning courses, and course-development applications are the future of online training.

For questions about e-Learning modernization and other new developments at TargetSolutions, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048!