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Prepare and Protect Your Police Department’s Most Important Asset…Your People

Longview Police Department

Sergeant Doug Kazensky and Solutions Engineer Johnny Roberson recently sat down for a riveting discussion on how Longview (WA) Police Department uses Vector Solutions’ (TargetSolutions) suite of software to automate and simplify their training, manage their equipment and schedule their staff. 

Learn from Longview Police Department’s first-hand experience moving from an outdated system with fragmented data to a modern, time-saving suite of solutions that provided better insight, tracking, communication, and reporting. The solutions have helped them improve officer performance, reduce liability exposure, and better manage their resources.

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Help Law Enforcement Officers Serve Communities Better with These 7 New Online Courses

How do you provide 24/7 service and find valid training methods in today’s challenging public safety climate complicated by budget cuts, staffing shortages, and COVID-19 restrictions?

Vector Solutions’ online training courses have helped many law enforcement agencies, like yours, address these challenges by supplementing field and classroom training with online courses. By creating a blended learning environment, officers can better comprehend mission-critical public safety concepts at their own pace.

Keep reading to learn about 7 new online law enforcement courses that can help reduce liability and improve performance in your department. 

(All Courses Equate to 1 Hour of Training Time)

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Why Blended Learning Lowers Costs and Improves Training Outcomes

Online learning about PPE

What is blended learning? Blended learning is a combination of off-line (face-to-face, traditional learning) and online learning that complements each other.

Today, many public safety agencies are facing budget cuts, staffing shortages and COVID-19 restrictions while needing to continue providing the same level of service AND finding valid methods of conducting training. Public safety professionals must work through the additional challenges of shift coverage, territory/zone coverage and out-of-service/overtime personnel costs.

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New Courses Approved by Several State Regulatory Agencies

New Course Approvals

Vector Solutions’ (formerly TargetSolutions) offers multiple training catalogs for public safety professionals to meet recertification requirements, complete continued education credits, and learn important skills relevant to their job. Our catalogues for fire, law and EMS include:

450+ hours of training for fire departments. Courses are based on the NFPA codes and standards, including NFPA 1001, NFPA 1021 and the NFPA 1500 Series. Courses also cover wildland fire, response to terrorism, first responder operations, and much more.

250+ hours of EMS continuing education courses that are accepted in most states. Our courses allow first responders, EMT-Basics, EMT-Intermediates and EMT-Paramedics to complete their continuing education requirements in an interactive and easy-to-use format. Courses cover a range of topics from endocrine emergencies, mental health for first responders, geriatric emergencies, and more.

240+ hours of law enforcement courses covering a multitude of topics for law enforcement officers. Our online law enforcement training courses are accepted in many states and includes an exclusive 25-course series from industry leader Calibre Press. Newly created courses cover topics around the physiological response to stress, leadership, and effective communication.

Check out the latest regulatory updates for our fire, law enforcement and EMS courses:

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Vector LMS (TargetSolutions) Foldering Flexibility in Generating Reports

Vector LMS (TargetSolutions) Foldering Flexibility in Generating Reports

As a flexible training platform that has gained top customer ratings for user-defined configuration, Vector LMS (formerly TargetSolutions) has added more functionality for users to organize their reports.

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How COVID-19 is Shifting Training Paradigms

Online Training
Training Webinar E-learning Skills Business Internet Technology Concept.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted many paradigms, including how we train professional skill sets and cognitive development. While training in the law enforcement profession differs broadly across regions and agencies, the need for more training in a safe setting has risen dramatically over the past year. Sgt. Shawn Roby, Training Sergeant for Show Low Police Department, is leveraging Vector Solution’s training platform to deliver more timely and relevant online training at a lower cost and in a more convenient setting.

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New Law Enforcement Courses Approved by MN, NV, ND, SC and MI Regulatory Agencies

New LE Courses Approved

Vector Solutions’ training catalog for law enforcement features more than 240 hours of continuing education for officers. The following state regulatory agencies have approved Vector’s Constitutional Law and Domestic Violence courses for one (1) hour each toward law enforcement training accreditation.

Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (MN POST)
Nevada Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)
North Dakota Peace Officer Standards and Training (ND POST)
South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy (SCCJA)

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Longview Police Invests in Training and Technology to Better Protect and Serve Their Community

Longview (WA) Police Department Logo

Agency Information

  • Population in coverage area: 37,520 residents
  • Staff: 61 officers; total 75 sworn and civilian, plus volunteer units
  • Implemented Vector Solutions LMS in 2016; Scheduling in 2017; Check It in 2020; Evaluations+ in 2020

Longview, WA, about two hours south of Seattle, is home to nearly 40,000 residents. The Chief of Police, Robert Huhta, is an advocate of equipping his police force with the best training and technology so that they are better prepared to protect and serve their community. On their website, Chief Huhta states, “It is important that we continue to evolve as a law enforcement agency and implement best practices for 21st Century Policing. Employee safety and health are a priority while utilizing technology as a force multiplier. I am committed to providing our employees with the training and equipment which allows them to provide high quality service to the community.”

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Law Enforcement Training: Leadership and Communication

Police Chief Hat

Online law enforcement training offers agencies the flexibility to review critical topics without the limitations of classroom sizes and scheduling availability. Vector Solutions’ training catalog for law enforcement features more than 240 hours of continuing education for officers.

Two revamped courses in our Leadership and Communication library include:

  • Command: Core Competencies of Leadership, and
  • The Art of Effective Communication.

These video courses are written by law enforcement experts and feature engaging graphics, an onscreen instructor and current industry trends and data.

Learn more about new training accessible in Vector Solutions’ Learning Management System (LMS) for law enforcement officers.

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Top 20 Courses to Reduce Liability

Local government agencies are looking for solutions to help mitigate risk and reduce costly claims. This is more important now than ever as the last couple of years have been expensive for companies across the United States.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, The Economics Daily, reports that one worker died every 99 minutes from a work-related injury in 2019. Liability concerns, such as workplace injuries, cost U.S. companies over $1 billion weekly in 2019 and if trends found by Business Insurance continue, the average total costs of risk for businesses (TCOR) is on the rise – seeing a 2.1% increase in 2018.

To help your agency limit your exposure to risk and protect employees, Vector Solutions (TargetSolutions) is highlighting its top 20 courses for reducing liability.

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