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Online Tools That Make Training More Efficient and Productive

  • Assign hundreds of hours of continuing education
  • Deliver and track custom training and compliance tasks
  • Access training resources shared by our community
  • Document and record online or instructor-led training
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If you are looking to achieve compliance and track every hour of training possible, your search is over. Choose your industry to learn more:

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Find the Training You Need.

Schedule, deliver and track more than 250 hours of Fire and EMS recertification training, plus hundreds of other courses for public entities. TargetSolutions features health and safety training courses that help employees stay safe, compliant and effective.

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EMS Continuing Education for Emergency Responders.

Are you an individual looking to purchase EMS continuing education for yourself? TargetSolutions features online Fire and EMS courses for EMTs, EMRs, Paramedics and Firefighters who are seeking online recertification.

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The Voice of Those Who Matter Most: Our Clients.

TargetSolutions' biggest supporters are the training officers and risk managers who reap the benefits of our online public safety training and records management system.

Glendale Fire Department

"If you want a one-stop shop, and you want to reduce overtime and maintain compliance, here's your solution."

Mark Burdick
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Jacksonville Fire & Rescue

"Everything we do related to training is documented and saved in TargetSolutions. We also use it for delivering bulletins, SOPs, announcements, etc. TargetSolutions has become the official place to find everything."

Billy Roland
Battalion Chief
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St. Charles Fire Department

"TargetSolutions has given us the ability to consistently log training that would go uncounted in the past. We have seen a 25 to 30 percent increase in reportable training hours."

Jamie Young
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West Shore EMS

"I know for a fact we are saving money by doing it this route. It can be very time consuming and expensive scheduling instructor-led training. The more we can push out this way, the better."

Steve Poffenberger
Director of Staff Development, QA
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The No. 1 Choice for Online Fire Department Training

TargetSolutions features more than 160 hours of EMS recertification training, more than 60 hours of valuable NFPA firefighter training, and powerful fire department software training applications.

  • Achieve compliance with engaging online fire training courses
  • Track all online and instructor-led training, inspections, driver’s licenses, SOGs, etc.
  • Utilize Powerful applications for managing fire department ISO training

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EMS Continuing Education Doesn’t Have to Be So Difficult

Track your members required EMS recertification training and ensure employees have met federal, state and local mandates for EMS continuing education.

  • Reduce expensive, instructor-led training sessions with 24/7 online convenience
  • Schedule, deliver and track EMT refresher training and online paramedic training
  • Stay certified with individual purchase for online EMT training
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NFPA 1403

Increase Your Members’ Loyalty with Innovative Technology

Give your pool the edge it needs by helping members reduce claims and save money with the industry’s most powerful online training management system.

  • Reduce frequent, troublesome claim areas with unique Claim-to-Course application
  • Customize curriculum for each employee’s specific job responsibilities
  • Analyze risk by accessing your members’ utilization metrics and calculate ROI

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The Ultimate Technology for Online Police Training

The Ultimate Technology for Online Police Training

Make sure your police officers are prepared for the job by delivering quality training and videos proven to boost overall performance.

  • Accredited online training in numerous states, including Texas, Florida, Oklahoma and Georgia
  • Catalog features more than 240 courses covering every law enforcement topic imaginable
  • Assignment delivery with a best-in-class, easy-to-use learning management system.

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Deliver Accredited Water and Wastewater Continuing Education

Deliver Accredited Water and Wastewater Continuing Education

Cost-effectively and conveniently train public works employees on a variety of professional development and safety topics.

  • Meet your state’s mandatory training requirements with online convenience
  • Track any type of training or policy with TargetSolutions’ powerful recordkeeping tools
  • Generate comprehensive reports on completed training with just a few clicks

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Reduce Liability with Online Health and Safety Training Courses

Reduce Liability with Online Health and Safety Training Courses

TargetSolutions features more than 1,200 online training courses and risk management applications for public entities.

  • Reduce injuries and lost work days with online courses featuring scenario-based lessons
  • Provide OSHA safety training courses, drive safety training, harassment prevention training, etc.
  • Go paperless by storing files in online database and documenting everything with e-signatures

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Prevent Workplace Injuries with Engaging Online Training

Prevent Workplace Injuries with Engaging Online Safety Training

Improve overall safety on your campus by delivering engaging online safety training courses that meet the needs of all school districts.

  • Online catalog features nearly 50 hours of training built specifically for scholastic environments
  • Best-in-class learning management system for scheduling, delivering and tracking training
  • Password-protect online file storage and e-signatures creates a greener environment

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Change Unsafe Behaviors with Safety Training Courses

Change Unsafe Behaviors with Safety Training Courses

Decrease on-the-job injuries and lost work hours with effective training that has proven to reduce claims and increase overall productivity.

  • Safety training that is easy to consume with 24/7 online convenience, mobile compatibility
  • OSHA safety training courses that deliver more than 65 hours of valuable learning
  • Driver safety training that reduces costs tied to preventable driving mishaps

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Quality Online Training and Videos for Security Professionals

Quality Online Training and Videos for Security Professionals

TargetSolutions has joined forces with Professional Security Training Network (PSTN) to provide your security force with the ultimate training management system.

  • Courses cover all types of job roles in security, including campus security, school security, event security, mall security, etc.
  • Training features reaction-based situational learning that increases user engagement
  • Recordkeeping tools track compliance tasks like policy reviews, inspections, etc.

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Deliver OSHA Safety Training Proven to Reduces Risk

Deliver OSHA Safety Training Proven to Reduce Risk

Efficiently deliver online training for your employees’ specific needs with TargetSolutions’ easy-to-use online training management system.

  • Create learning tracks for all types of personnel, including maintenance workers, security guards, electrical workers, food servers, custodians, etc.
  • Provide online courses that make mandatory OSHA training more engaging and convenient.
  • Track training reports, analyze risk metrics, and gauge exposure areas

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