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Confirm Accuracy of Records with ‘Require Validation’ Setting in Activities Builder

Did you know platform managers can review a completion prior to it becoming a record? They can by selecting the require validation setting in activities builder when building a custom activity. This allows administrators and supervisors to confirm information submitted by users is accurate before recording in the users history.

Any activity completed with this setting will have to be validated by platform managers before it is accepted as complete. The administrator (or supervisor who has validating rights) will click on the Validate Completions icon on their administration tab. The next step is finding users to validate through the Users Select page, which makes it easy to select multiple users at one time.

After users are selected, a list of activities waiting to be validated for those individuals will appear. There are three options at this point: Validate, reject, or delete a completed activity. If rejecting an activity, you will be given the opportunity to provide instructions to the user for re-submission. Please remember activities waiting to be validated will not show up in the users history. So, if a user asks why their completed activities are not showing in their history, this could be the case.

If you have questions about the Require Validation setting in Activities Builder, or any part of the TargetSolutions platform, please check the Help Section or contact us directly.


‘Require validation upon completion’ selection is under Options while building a custom activity.


TargetSolutions’ E-signature Functionality Helps Organizations Ensure Accountability

TargetSolutions allows administrators the ability to upload policies, videos and other documents for users to review. They can then place the file into a custom activity and assign it out to their users, requiring an e-signature. When the user reviews the item, they are required to provide an e-signature confirming they reviewed the attached file.

The system also has a security measure to verify users don’t check the e-signature box without opening the file. If the attached file is not opened, the box will be grayed out and restricted from being checked off. If the file is a video, it will have to play through to the end before the e-signature box is activated.

To send out a policy, video, or other file for review and require an e-signature functionality, you will need to upload the file to the File Center. After the file has been uploaded to the File Center, you will need to create a custom activity with the Activities Builder application. Once an activity has been created, it can be assigned to users through the Create New Assignments application.

If you have any questions about how to operate this tool, please contact us today!


E-signature functionality ensure users have received, reviewed and completed various activities that are required.


New Course Released RT-130: Annual Wildland Fire Safety Refresher


Summer is nearly upon us and for clients in many areas of the country that means burn season. Wildland fires pose a risk to both communities and to the firefighters who work to protect them. Since 1970, wildland fires are responsible for damage in excess of $20 billion and more than 200 firefighters have lost their lives in the process.

In an attempt to support our client’s efforts in fighting these fires, TargetSolutions has released RT-130: Annual Wildland Fire Safety Refresher.

The new four-module course in TargetSolutions’ online fire training course catalog, covers several aspects of wildland firefighter training, including fundamentals of safety in wildland firefighting operations, wildland fire behavior and strategies for predicting changes in behavior that could lead to hazardous conditions, situational awareness and injury prevention.

“Because of its importance, this course deservedly required all of the resources available to our content department,” said Content Architect Jeremy Lynch. “From the research to the multimedia, we used everything we could to deliver a course that will help keep both firefighters and the civilians they protect safe during fire seasons.”

Steve Prziborowski of Santa Clara County Fire Department was thrilled to learn of TargetSolutions newest release. He is already planning ways to incorporate the fire department software as pre-course training before conducting hands-on training.

“Great timing! We were actually looking at a way to do make-up classes for personnel who missed the annual RT-130 sessions we recently provided, and this looks like a great way to go, especially if we can then add an additional hands-on component for shelter deployment afterward,” said Prziborowksi, who serves as the department’s deputy chief/training. “Looking ahead, the four modules may lend themselves to a pre-course assignment prior to going out and getting some hands-on experience.”

If you have any questions about this or any other course in TargetSolutions’ online fire training catalog, please contact us today!

About TargetSolutions
TargetSolutions is the leading provider of web-based technology solutions for fire and EMS organizations. These solutions enable organizations to maintain compliance, reduce losses, deliver curriculum, and track all station-level tasks, certifications and training activities.

Safety Should Always Come First for Firefighters

Blog by Ed Hadfield

Some will say little has changed in the fire service in the last 200 years. Others will tell you much has changed. The fact remains that one very critical aspect of this noble profession remains the same: The fire service continues to lose firefighters nationwide to hostile events on a regular basis.

Many of those deaths are needless, and could have been prevented. This article looks at safety measures for firefighters, but the bottom line is this: It’s your life. Take safety seriously.

Air Management
According to a study completed by the NFPA, more than 30 percent of firefighters killed in the US since 1990 died of smoke inhalation after they became lost inside a structure and ran out of air.

“Air Management” is not a new concept in the fire service. It is, however, a newer concept in fire service in the United States. The UK national fire service has long believed of self-reliance air management concepts. From the first day of rookie school, the UK demands firefighters are constantly aware of their personnel air management, and company officers are held accountable for the entire crew’s air management.

Listed are a few key items regarding air management, please utilize these concepts to provide a safer working environment for you and your fellow firefighters:

>> Know your personal “rate of consumption.” Each and every firefighter has a differing rate of consumption. Physical fitness and workloads either increase or decrease this factor. Bottom line, the fitter you are, the less air you utilize. Note: Average30 minutes SCBA, 18.5 minutes working time.

>> For company officers, be aware the harder the work effort your personnel are accomplishing, the greater the rate of consumption. Keep constant tabs on your team’s air and rate of consumption.

>> It is recommended all personnel working in an IDLH atmosphere leave the environment prior to the low-air warning device activation. The low-air warning device is not the indication to leave the building. It is an indication you have been in the IDLH environment too long.

Seat Belts
Everyone at this point should be saying, “Well, yeah, always wear your seatbelt. That’s obvious.” Unfortunately, the truth is, most accidents involving fire apparatus resulting in injuries and deaths are a result of personnel failing to properly wear seatbelts. There is absolutely no excuse for not wearing your seatbelt while riding/responding in an apparatus.

One particular item of concern is when firefighters attempt to slip into SCBAs while responding to reported structure fires. SCBAs that are placed into seatbacks encourage this process and in most cases, those responding firefighters are NOT wearing their seatbelts while slipping into the SCBA.

Seatbelt designs that have shoulder harness straps limit the ability to properly wear the seatbelt and also slip into the SCBA at the same time. Therefore, in most cases firefighters simply do not wear their seatbelt, opting to slip into their SCBA while responding to the reported structure fire.

This has proven to be a lethal option for firefighters the greatest likelihood of a vehicle collision is while responding to a reported structure fire.

Captains need to maintain a zero-tolerance policy on seatbelt usage. Here are a few points to remember:

>> Seatbelts are NOT an option, they are mandatory.

>> Never remove your seatbelt while apparatus is moving to put on PPE or SCBA.

>> Remove items in the cab that can fly about in a collision.

>> Remember you didn’t create the emergency, don’t become part of it.

Risk Management
The following is a list of safety items that I have collected over the years from respected mentors and friends. I call these items “wise words from wise men.” Enjoy them and share them with others.

>> We will begin our response on the assumption we can protect the lives and property.

>> We will risk our lives a lot, if necessary, to protect savable lives.

>> We will risk our lives little, and in a calculated manner, to protect savable property.

>> We will not risk our lives at all to protect lives or property that are already lost

>> The best way to make an aggressive attack is to give interior crews a safe environment to work within. Vent early and vent often.

>> If you think you’ll need a 2inch line, pull it first. You won’t get a second chance.

>> Firefighting is like herding cats maintain crew accountability and discipline at all times. No freelancing!

>> LCES goes way beyond wildland. Apply the principles to all fire ground activities.

>> Buildings are always talking to you. Listen to signs of collapse.

>> Defensive water festivals are far superior to funerals.

>> Safety prevents meetings and pink slips.

>> Vomiting firefighters are ugly firefighters!

>> Firefighting is like an airline ticket. Every firefighter gets a round-trip ticket to the call and back to their family. Every. Single. Time.

About the Author

Ed Hadfield has more than 26 years of fire service experience after rising through the ranks from firefighter to division chief. He is a frequent speaker on leadership, sharing his experiences within the fire service and also with corporate and civic leaders throughout the United States. For more on Hadfield, please check online at


Track Completion of All JAC Training with TargetSolutions

California fire departments participating in the California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee (CFFJAC) training program can track completion of all JAC training, both TargetSolutions and other training, using TargetSolutions’ online training management platform.

TargetSolutions provides custom JAC reports for fire departments in California. To get started, you will need to notify TargetSolutions Account Manager Kegan Konrady, who manages California, and send him corresponding JAC ID numbers for individuals enrolled within JAC.

Once this is done, TargetSolutions will update your site with a JAC code builder found under Reportable Components within the Activities Builder application. This allows you to easily assign customized JAC codes to any custom activity on the platform. All TargetSolutions courses have a prebuilt JAC code attached to them that will automatically update the system when a course is completed.

The final step is to pull a JAC Monthly Submission report to send to California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee. TargetSolutions has a prebuilt report that is easily accessible under the Generate Reports tab. With just a few clicks the report is ready to be sent to California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee, which is currently working with a large number of clients and is familiar with TargetSolutions JAC reporting solution.

If you have any questions about CFFJAC or anything else related to TargetSolutions, please contact us today.