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Latest Enhancement Makes TargetSolutions More User-Friendly on Mobile Devices


The file upload tool inside Activities and Credentials is now HTML5 compatible, equipping it for on-the-go uploads from mobile devices.

The File Upload Tool Inside Activities and Credentials Is Now Equipped for On-the-Go Uploads from Mobile Devices

TargetSolutions’ powerful Activities Builder and Manage Credentials applications are known to work wonders for platform managers. The tools help organizations streamline the delivery and tracking of customized training assignments and compliance tasks.

Now, users will also experience more convenience with the applications.

A recent enhancement is built to save users’ time by providing the ability to easily upload files, such as pictures of certificates, to activity completions. In addition, users will now be able to upload a copy of their license/qualification card to their credential.

TargetSolutions has modernized its file upload functionality to make it HTML5 compatible. This will allow for better utilization of mobile devices.

Users will be able to take a picture of a certificate and upload it directly to an activity or credential, rather than having to come back to a computer, scan the certificate, and upload it into TargetSolutions.

“We live in a mobile age, and there are a lot of advantages in that,” said TargetSolutions Product Manager Misty Pratt. “Everyone carries their phone in their pocket. The ability to take a picture of something like a cert and add it directly into the platform is going to save a lot of people a lot of time.”

If you have any questions about this enhancement or other features inside TargetSolutions’ online training management system, contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

A More Secure Training Platform: Additional Steps Taken to Enhance Security

TargetSolutions has taken additional steps to make its online training management system more secure. The platform has supported both HTTPS and HTTP sessions, but will now make sure logins are done over HTTPS providing for encryption of data in transit.

The platform’s infrastructure is now utilizing an HTTPS uniform resource locator (URL). Recent browser releases have become much more aggressive in warning users if any page contains an HTTP URL. This may impact customers’ experiences when embedding materials hosted outside of TargetSolutions.

If any content appears to be missing inside your organization’s TargetSolutions site, you may not be using the most advanced technology for embedding content.

If you are embedding content from outside of TargetSolutions inside your organization’s Bulletin Board or Activities, SCORM courses, or any other third-party content (i.e. Articulate presentations), please note you may experience missing content. You also may encounter security warnings from your browser.

Examples of these warnings are below:



Internet Explorer




If you need help updating these items, please check out this support article from the help system or contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

Special Reimbursement Program Covers Up to 100 Percent of TargetSolutions’ Costs in Minnesota

Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training and Education Makes Funding Available Now Through June 30

SAN DIEGO — TargetSolutions, the industry’s leading online firefighter training management system, has never been more affordable for departments in the state of Minnesota. And by affordable, we mean up to 100 percent off user fees.

tslogo_symbol-color-smallFor a limited time, fire departments in the state of Minnesota can sign up for TargetSolutions and potentially incur no costs for the first 12 months. This is the result of the Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training and Education’s (MBFTE) reimbursement program, which is available now through June 30, 2017.

The MBFTE’s mission is to promote “excellence in the fire service by funding standardized training” and this year’s top strategic initiative is to move toward having 100 percent of the state’s firefighters trained on NFPA 1001. With that goal in mind, the MBFTE will maintain its training reimbursement funding level of $200 per firefighter in the state, which can be used on TargetSolutions’ computer-based system.

To take advantage of this opportunity, agencies in Minnesota need to contact TargetSolutions or the MBFTE to start the reimbursement process, said Executive Director Steve Flaherty.

“We’ve changed the process from a grant to a reimbursement,” Flaherty said. “We’ve streamlined it to make it easier for the departments. The training needs to be affiliated with the national standard, NFPA 1001 and done by a qualified instructor. This goes for EMS training as well.”

That’s where TargetSolutions comes in. The industry’s most innovative technology for managing training compliance offers more than 450 hours of fire department training, including more than 250 hours of Fire and EMS recertification.

The course catalog for firefighters covers NFPA 1001, NFPA 1021 and NFPA 1500. In addition, TargetSolutions is organizationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) and features robust recordkeeping applications for tracking and reporting EMS recertification and ISO training hours. Departments can also track their 11 core elements with TargetSolutions. The 11 core elements are recommendations from OSHA standards, which provide Minnesota’s agencies with multiple options for designing an annual training program that meets requirements.

“TargetSolutions’ online training platform fits well with today’s firefighters and their schedules,” Flaherty said. “We’re seeing a move from traditional standup classes to online training in addition to hands-on training. Our goal is to get training to firefighters and TargetSolutions offers a way to get that training in the hands of learners.

“This funding provides us the ability to reimburse fire departments and municipalities and offset these costs. TargetSolutions qualifies for this reimbursement and is a great way for firefighters to get the training they need. There is a shift in learning and in how students get information. It’s no longer every Tuesday night in the station.”

If you would like more information on this program, please visit the MBFTE’s website at or call TargetSolutions at (800) 840-8046.

About TargetSolutions
TargetSolutions delivers cutting-edge software applications, engaging online training courses, and world-class customer service. The company was founded in 1999 and today there are more than 4,000 organizations across the country using TargetSolutions to manage training. TargetSolutions is headquartered in San Diego, Calif. For more information, find us online at

A Look Ahead: What Is Microlearning?

Microlearning enhances comprehension of lengthy training courses with one- to three-minute objectives that can be reviewed as needed.

The Network of Corporate Academies (NOCA) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) report 40 percent of employees who receive poor training leave the job within a year. Considering how expensive employee turnover is to any organization, offering sufficient training is a must. To help address this issue, microlearning courses are gaining momentum and changing the way employees are trained.

What Is Microlearning?

Microlearning enhances comprehension of lengthy training courses with one- to three-minute objectives that can be reviewed as needed. Each objective is a key point from a course, which employees can use for a refresher on their training. This puts learners in control of the information they review to better complete tasks.

“Microlearning is support for the skill set developed through a course,” said TargetSolutions Director of Content Ammon Wiese. “They help a training become muscle memory by increasing one’s ability to pull learned concepts from the mind.”tslogo_symbol-color-small

Before heading out on a call, firefighters can go over procedures or refresh their memories on specific equipment for the environment they’re going into. Potentially, a firefighter is attaching a hose on a type of fire hydrant they haven’t used before but remembers it from a training course. With the use of microlearning, rather than sorting through a bunch of slides inside an hour-long course, the firefighter can look up the proper procedure in a brief video or diagram.

What Are the Benefits of Microlearning?

The benefits of microlearning are how it helps learners consume information. Recalling an individual skill while out in the field often means the difference between a job incident and performing effectively. In this case, time is of the essence. Available through an app, learners have the microlearning performance support they need at their fingertips. This delivery of information means lessons are easier to access at a moment’s notice.

Microlearning’s accessible and bite-sized lessons lead to higher retention, fewer mistakes on the job, and lower long-term costs of training. Rather than relying solely on memory, professionals can refer to their training and will be more likely to recall information.

The microlearning courses are useful across a variety of industries that benefit from having information on demand. Micro courses for trades such as Fire, OSHA, water, and education can serve as performance support for new employees or a review for those looking to brush up on procedures.

When working with complex information or tools, retention of instructions can be difficult, no matter how extensive the training. Microlearning courses are not intended to replace accredited courses, they are performance support to reduce incidents on the job and ensure standards are being communicated.

TargetSolutions and Microlearning: What Is the Future?

TargetSolutions envisions a future in which learners can complete coursework and then when performing a task in the field, type in a keyword to their mobile device and pull up the critical information they recall from the training course. These are exciting times and we are looking forward to future enhancements.

Packed House on Hand for TargetSolutions’ Annual Networking & Training Workshop at Firehouse World

cb-2017-tsc-fh-user-group-markTargetSolutions Presents Prestigious Awards to LAFD’s Capt. Benjamin Banks, Southern Marin’s Bn. Chief Matt Barnes and St. Charles Fire Department’s Capt. Jamie Young

SAN DIEGO – TargetSolutions, the leader in online training management applications for fire departments, hosted its annual Networking & Training Workshop on Tuesday during Firehouse World in San Diego.

More than 70 attendees from fire departments across the country packed the Marriott Gaslamp Quarter’s Altitude Sky Lounge to meet with TargetSolutions account managers and mingle with other training officers. The highlight of the afternoon was the awards presentation, which honors platform managers who share the same commitment as TargetSolutions to deliver exceptional fire department training.

The Technology Achievement Award


Los Angeles Fire Department’s Capt. Benjamin Banks was the recipient of this year’s Technology Achievement Award, which goes to a platform administrator focused on innovation in fire department training.

Capt. Benjamin Banks of the Los Angeles Fire Department was presented with the Technology Achievement Award for consistently looking to maximize TargetSolutions’ web-based system. Banks’ forward-thinking mindset has helped his metro agency’s training program flourish.

“Our department, in general, is trying to use technology more and more, all the time for everything,” said Banks, who has been managing the department’s training platform for the last year. “That’s really been a directive of our mayor and our fire chief, so this falls right in line with that.”

The ability to measure training hours – as well as other key performance indicators related to training – is critical to LAFD, which has increased its utilization of the TargetSolutions platform since Banks took on his current role.

“Being able to provide metrics, that’s what it’s all about,” Banks said. “I hear that across the fire service. Metrics, it’s the numbers, it’s the totals, really being able to show the work that we’re doing, the training that people in the fire stations and otherwise are doing, it’s all about being able to put those numbers on. Unless you have technology that can support that, it’s going to be very difficult. And then having technology that can make that job even easier, I mean that’s what the goal is. TargetSolutions has definitely helped us in that regard.”

The Vanguard Award

Bn. Chief Matt Barnes of Southern Marin Fire Department (Calif.). was given the Vanguard Award, which goes each year to someone who exemplifies dedication in the delivery of fire department training. Barnes has consistently worked to maximize TargetSolutions and help his agency streamline training and compliance.

“The fire service changes and evolves on a daily basis and the only way to stay current is to research and go out and perform skills based off the information that you’ve gathered and learned from the past,” said Barnes, who has been with the agency for the last 15 years. “We’ve had some significant near misses in our organization. We’ve had two line-of-duty deaths in our organizations due to health, so training is very near and dear to me. I think it’s the fabric of what makes someone become a good, proficient performing individual in the fire service.”

The Helping Hand Award

The final award went to Capt. Jamie Young of the St. Charles Fire Department in Missouri. The Helping Hand is delivered each year to someone who goes above and beyond to assist TargetSolutions or their neighboring agencies who are using the platform. Young’s department hosted a team of TargetSolutions videographers in 2016 for a special training shoot and the footage is being used in TargetSolutions’ upcoming NFPA 1410 training series, which is scheduled for release in March.

Young was not in attendance, but he recorded a video message that was played during the event.

“On behalf of myself and the St. Charles Fire Department I want to say thank you to TargetSolutions for such a wonderful recognition,” Young said. “It’s been a pleasure working with this company to bring such cutting-edge technology to the forefront of the fire service. It’s this cutting-edge technology that is keeping us safer and smarter on the fire ground. TargetSolutions has helped us and countless others across the country and I’m personally looking forward to many future projects.”

About TargetSolutions

TargetSolutions delivers cutting-edge software applications, engaging online training courses, and world-class customer service. The company was founded in 1999 and today there are more than 4,000 organizations across the country using TargetSolutions to manage training. TargetSolutions is headquartered in San Diego, Calif. For more information, find us online at or call us at 1 (800) 840-8048.

Enhancements to TargetSolutions’ Infrastructure Will Require Action for Some Customers

tslogo_symbol-color-smallTargetSolutions is taking steps to modernize its platform and strengthen its overall infrastructure. As part of these enhancements, it is necessary to change Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. If your organization has whitelisted sites associated with TargetSolutions by IP, you will need to alert your IT department about these important changes.

You will need to act to ensure that TargetSolutions’ fully qualified domain names (FQDN) are the only identifiers used for whitelisting so members of your organization can continue to access TargetSolutions from the workplace. Please click here for TargetSolutions’ new whitelisting information.

Why Is TargetSolutions Making Updates?

The overhaul to TargetSolutions’ back-end infrastructure is part of a multi-faceted strategy to ensure the most scalable and secure platform possible. TargetSolutions is taking steps to safeguard its online training management system with the latest technology so it can accommodate future demands.

The result of these upgrades will allow us to handle increasing volumes while still maintaining acceptable response time. These enhancements will also improve the platform’s overall reliability and enhance its disaster recovery capabilities.

How Will My Organization Be Impacted?

These updates will have little to no impact on the large majority of customers. If your organization has restricted Internet access for employees and has whitelisted TargetSolutions by its IP addresses, you will need to contact your IT department so it can make the required updates. Please click here for TargetSolutions’ new whitelisting information.

When Will the Updates Take Place?

TargetSolutions will be implementing these enhancements soon. We will have more information in the coming weeks on the exact time of the release. TargetSolutions recommends you act now if you are whitelisting TargetSolutions by IP. Please click here for the full list of FQDNs to ensure employees have access to TargetSolutions from the workplace.

What if I Have Questions?

Please click here to access information your IT department will need if you have whitelisted TargetSolutions by IP. If you have any questions, please contact TargetSolutions customer support at (800) 840-8048.

TargetSolutions Updates Three Driver Safety Training Courses for School Districts

TargetSolutions has made style and content updates to three driver safety courses in its online training catalog for school districts.

It’s a staggering number, but a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows roughly 42 percent of workplace fatalities happened on the roadways in 2015. It’s no secret driving accidents are the leading cause of deaths, but more could be done to curb the trend.

TargetSolutions’ online training catalog for school districts features a collection of courses built to provide school bus drivers with a plethora of safety tips. Three courses have recently received updates to deliver the most current, dynamic training experiences possible on this important topic.

Here are the courses that have undergone enhancements, including format restyling, new material and upgraded interactions:

Driver Safety Orientation: A general overview of the dangers associated with driving on the job. This course dives into the importance of establishing a driver safety program.

Large Vehicle Characteristics: An exploration of various large vehicles used in the school setting. The course explores critical safety requirements.

Passenger Van Safety: An engaging overview outlining the safety risks and characteristics of 15 different passenger vans driven by school district personnel.

If you have any questions about TargetSolutions’ online training catalog for school districts, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

TargetSolutions’ JAC Reporting Solution Undergoes Enhancements for More Accurate Reporting

TargetSolutions has made enhancements to improve the accuracy of JAC training reports and prevent the possibility of “double-dipping.”

California fire departments that utilize TargetSolutions to track training hours for the California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee (CFFJAC) reimbursement program, will benefit from recent enhancements to the computer-based training system.

Upgrades have been implemented to more accurately report JAC training hours while eliminating the ability to accidentally double dip.

A new “reimbursement” category has been added to the solution. This new feature will enable platform managers to more accurately pull records that will be submitted to JAC or the community college.

Platform managers will now track all JAC personnel in this new category called “Reimbursement Status.” The upgrades accomplish the following:

  • This special category will prevent users to simultaneously exist in both JAC and Community College reimbursement status groups, which prevents double-dipping
  • Platform managers will now be able to see their users’ reimbursement status history in the reimbursement category
  • Additional enhancements to the Manage Organization functionality allows platform managers to efficiently move users in or out of the JAC program en masse and enter IDs from one page, rather than one by one in Manage Users

Please click here for more information on this new functionality.

“TargetSolutions’ JAC reporting solution offers the ability to automatically track JAC codes for completed training and easily report monthly training records to JAC,” said Product Manager Misty Pratt. “With TargetSolutions, agencies can now accurately report JAC training hours and prevent the possibility of double-dipping. These enhancements make the tool even more efficient and effective.”

If you have any questions about these enhancements, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

TargetSolutions’ Top 10 Training Courses from 2016

TargetSolutions’ comprehensive catalog of training features popular titles covering a broad range of topics, including bloodborne pathogens safety, sexual harassment, and hazard communication.

Organizations across the country trust TargetSolutions to deliver online training courses that are not only engaging, but current with occupational standards and accreditation. This commitment to excellence explains why the total number of course completions goes higher and higher each year. That was certainly the case in 2016, which saw a 16 percent increase in completions from 2015.

Here are the top 10 most popular courses based on the total number of completions from 2016:

Bloodborne Pathogens Safety: The most popular course in TargetSolutions’ catalog, Bloodborne Pathogens Safety, complies with the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act to minimize the risk of various diseases through bloodborne pathogens.

First Responder Operations Level Refresher (Modules 1-4): The First Responder Operations Level Refresher Series relates to safety regulations and procedures for hazardous material releases. This extremely popular course covers the use of hazardous materials during a terrorist attack, among other topics.

Sexual Harassment Awareness: Sexual harassment is an issue across all workforces and this important course covers methods to deal with and prevent incidents for a safe and productive workplace. An important factor in this course’s popularity is the fact it meets California’s AB 1825 requirement.

Child Abuse: Mandated Reporter Training: This California-state mandated training presents the laws and steps to report abuse and protect children.

EMS HIPAA Awareness: EMS HIPPA Awareness addresses federal regulations and the responsibilities of EMS personnel and agencies to protect patient health information.

Back Injury Prevention: Since back injuries are common in the workplace, the Back Injury Prevention course discusses how to protect your organization and exercises that strengthen the back.

Hearing Conservation: The Hearing Conservation course goes over the anatomy, function, and sensitivity of the ear to prevent hearing loss when working under certain conditions.

NFPA 1500 Hazard Communication: The hazard communication course covers the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) when dealing with chemical hazards to prevent adverse health effects.

Lock-Out/Tag-Out: The Lock-Out/Tag-Out course helps ensure employees are trained to maintain energy control programs and are safeguarded from hazardous energy while handling equipment.

Slips, Trips, and Falls Prevention: As falls are a common workplace safety hazard, TargetSolutions’ Slips, Trips, and Falls Prevention helps identify potential risks.

Many courses include information relevant across all industries, while other courses are unique to the standards of an organization. With engaging online training courses that are available 24/7, TargetSolutions is dedicated to helping public entities achieve compliance and reduce risk.

If you have any questions about TargetSolutions’ online training library, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.


Recently Enhanced NFPA 1001 Training Course Covers Essentials of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

TargetSolutions’ NFPA 1001 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus training course has been updated with new content and enhanced multimedia.

The average firefighter is no stranger to danger. In fact, they’re well acquainted. When risking everything to enter a fire zone or similar environment, it’s of the utmost importance that firefighters are also acquainted with the life-saving self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

TargetSolutions’ NFPA 1001-level online training course, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, packs the essentials of SCBA into 10 learning modules and tests your knowledge with a 10-question exam. Students will explore the legal requirements for SCBA as well as conditions requiring its utilization.

This 60-minute lesson has recently been updated with new content and enhanced multimedia. After completing this course, students will understand the following:

  • Importance of SCBA fit testing
  • Various types of SCBAs
  • Limitations firefighters face when using SCBAs
  • Potential SCBA malfunctions or emergencies
  • Maintenance and inspection procedures for SCBA

For more information on this course or other courses inside TargetSolutions’ online firefighter training catalog, please contact TargetSolutions today at (800) 840-8048.