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New Courses Approved by Several State Regulatory Agencies

New Course Approvals

Vector Solutions’ (formerly TargetSolutions) offers multiple training catalogs for public safety professionals to meet recertification requirements, complete continued education credits, and learn important skills relevant to their job. Our catalogues for fire, law and EMS include:

450+ hours of training for fire departments. Courses are based on the NFPA codes and standards, including NFPA 1001, NFPA 1021 and the NFPA 1500 Series. Courses also cover wildland fire, response to terrorism, first responder operations, and much more.

250+ hours of EMS continuing education courses that are accepted in most states. Our courses allow first responders, EMT-Basics, EMT-Intermediates and EMT-Paramedics to complete their continuing education requirements in an interactive and easy-to-use format. Courses cover a range of topics from endocrine emergencies, mental health for first responders, geriatric emergencies, and more.

240+ hours of law enforcement courses covering a multitude of topics for law enforcement officers. Our online law enforcement training courses are accepted in many states and includes an exclusive 25-course series from industry leader Calibre Press. Newly created courses cover topics around the physiological response to stress, leadership, and effective communication.

Check out the latest regulatory updates for our fire, law enforcement and EMS courses:

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EMS Training: Hypothermia Assessment and Renal Failure

EMS Hypothermia Assessment

Vector Solutions’ online EMS course catalog features more than 250 hours of accredited continuing education. Revamped courses in this course library include: Hypothermia Assessment and Treatment and Renal Failure Advanced.

Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE), these revamped courses cover important considerations for all levels of EMS providers. Video-based lessons are guided by an onscreen instructor and feature custom video animations to demonstrate key points.

Learn more about new EMS continuing education training, available now through Vector Solutions’ Learning Management System (LMS).

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Mobile Fire-Rescue Manages Inspections and Compliance with TargetSolutions Check It™

Mobile Fire Rescue TargetSolutions Check It™

Agency Stats:

  • Class 1 ISO rating
  • Area of coverage: 400 square miles
  • Population in coverage area: 190,000 residents
  • Trucks: 19 engine companies, 11 advanced life support ambulances, plus technical rescue companies and hazardous materials response units
  • Staff: 487 civilian and sworn
  • Implemented Vector Solutions’ LMS in 2017; Vector Solutions’ Check It in 2018

Mobile Fire-Rescue Department (MFRD) is a class-1 ISO rated department in Alabama — a distinction held by only 1% of the nation’s fire districts. As a testament to their dedication to operational excellence, Captain Barry Glisson explained his agency has used Vector Solutions’ software to improve operations and staff training, as well as reduce risks.

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New EMS Courses: Functional Communication for EMS, Pain Management & More

Vector Solutions’ EMS training catalog features more than 250 hours of accredited continuing education for EMS providers of all levels. New courses are frequently added to this catalog to keep up with current procedures and ensure EMTs, paramedics and EMRs utilize industry best practices.

All-new titles include: Functional Communication for EMS Providers; Pain Management; and Emergency Care for Electrical Burns. Available through the TargetSolutions training system, these courses will help EMS professionals fulfill CE units and refresh their knowledge of important topics.

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New EMS Nosebleeds and Enhanced CE Training

EMS Nosebleeds Training

Vector Solutions’ CAPCE-approved EMS training catalog features online continuing education for all levels of EMS professionals. New courses are frequently added to the EMS course library while others are refreshed with up-to-date content, new videos and relevant case studies.

The latest EMS catalog updates include the updated course, Medical, Ethical and Legal Issues, and an all-new course: Nosebleeds.

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Advanced EMS Courses: EMS Response to Mass Casualty Incidents & More

Vector Solutions’ accredited EMS continuing education helps EMS professionals across the country recertify and maintain licenses. Accessible through the TargetSolutions training management platform, these online courses are frequently updated with refreshed content, videos and case studies.

This round of online course updates focuses on advanced training topics for paramedics. A new course title, Advanced Considerations in EMS Response to Mass Casualty Incidents, covers critical actions for EMS personnel to prepare for (and respond to) a mass casualty event.

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Vector Solutions’ Online EMS Training Approved by Alberta College of Paramedics for Continuing Education Units

Vector Solutions EMS Training Approved by Alberta College of Paramedics

SAN DIEGO – Vector Solutions, a leader in training and performance solutions for the public safety industry, was approved for new EMS continuing education credits for Alberta, Canada by the Alberta College of Paramedics for a total of 227 online courses and more than 780 units of credit.

This approval means all permissible self-directed EMS continuing education (CE) credits can be fulfilled from a single platform. Available through the TargetSolutions learning management system (LMS), these online, video-based courses are written by subject matter experts and feature a variety of critical refresher training for BLS and ALS agencies. Topics include patient assessment, airway management, cardiac emergencies, emergency response to terrorism and more.

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Mental Health Awareness for Emergency Responders

Television and movies portray the life of a first responder as fast-paced, high stakes and full of adrenaline rushes as they easily move from life-saving event to another. What the media overlooks is the extreme emotional, physical and mental toll of the job. Emergency responders often deal with this in silence.

Vector Solutions’ new course, Mental Health Awareness for Emergency Responders, addresses the causes, symptoms and coping strategies for the most common mental health disorders for EMS professionals. This comprehensive training was created with veteran first responders to shine a light on the hidden struggles of this profession.

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New EMS Training: Naloxone Administration, Endocrine System Emergencies & More

EMS Naloxone Administration

With more than 250 hours of continuing education, Vector Solutions’ online course library allows EMS personnel to easily recertify and maintain compliance. New and improved courses in the EMS catalog highlight crucial industry topics. In this round of catalog enhancements, 3 new courses were added, and an additional course was revamped with up-to-date content.

New course titles in the catalog include: Endocrine System Emergencies Basic, Basics of EMS Operations at a Mass Casualty Incident and Opioid Overdose & Naloxone Administration.

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TargetSolutions Meets New York EMS Continuing Education Requirements

New York EMS Continuing EducationTargetSolutions’ online EMS training catalog features more than 250 hours of continuing education for agencies across the country. With the addition of the all-new course, Endocrine System Emergencies Basic, TargetSolutions can now be used to fulfill 100% of EMS CE requirements for New York.

This means New York paramedics, EMTs and EMRs can fulfill their CE units online with TargetSolutions’ dynamic courses. Not only is this a more convenient way to complete CEUs, but now NY EMS agencies can manage their members’ training with the industry’s leading learning management system (LMS).

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